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I will be away from Tuesday, Oct 15 through Monday, Oct 21. Shipments will resume on Oct 22. Orders can be placed while I am away. After I return they will be processed in the sequence they were received.

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TenkaraBum T-shirts:
Short sleeve solid colors - $11
Long sleeve - $15


Tenkara Rods

TenkaraBum 36 and brook trout.

Suntech TenkaraBum 36
Suntech TenkaraBum 33
Suntech TenkaraBum 40
Daiwa Expert Tenkara
Daiwa Master Tenkara
Kids Tenkara Rod
Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu
Nissin Oni Honryu 395 and 450
Nissin Royal Stage Honryu
Nissin Royal Stage Tenkara
Nissin Tenkara Mini
Nissin Zerosum Tenkara
Shimano Honryu Tenkara 44NP
Shimano Keiryu Tenkara 34-38ZL
Shimano Pack Tenkara 31-34ZW
Shimotsuke Tenkara Gen 270
Tenryu Furaibo TF39 & TF39TA

Keiryu Rods

Rainbow trout caught on Suntech Field Master keiryu rod.

Daiwa Keiryu-X
Nissin 2-Way ZX
Nissin Pocket Mini
Suntech AOI ZPRO
Suntech Field Master
Suntech Fld Mstr Suguru Long
Suntech Fine Power
Suntech FMX Keiryu Extra Stiff
Suntech FMX Keiryu Stiff
Suntech FMX Keiryu ZPRO
Suntech Genryu Sawanobori
Suntech Genryuko
Suntech Grayce II
Suntech Kaname Special
Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori
Suntech Kurenai Long
Suntech Suikei Keiryu Special 53
Suikei Special Honryu SST
Suntech TenkaraBum Traveler
Suntech TenkaraBum Traveler 27

Seiryu Rods

Bluegill caught with Suntech Kurenai seiryu rod.

Daiwa Sagiri
Daiwa Seiryu X
Nissin Air Stage Hakubai

Nissin Fine Mode Nagare
Suntech Kurenai

Carp Rods

Common carp with Nissin Flying Dragon carp rod.

Nissin Flying Dragon

Micro-Fishing Rods

Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 21 (microfishing rod) with black nose dace.

Nissin Air Stage 240
Nissin Fine Mode Nagare
Nissin Tanago Koro
Suntech Kurenai HM30R


Fuji Rod Caps

Fuji EZ Keepers
Fuji Rod Caps
Replacement Lillian
Rod Cases
Tenkara Line Holders


Sunline Buttobi tenkara line spool.

Hi-Vis Fluorocarbon Level Lines
Lo-Vis "Stealth" Fluorocarbon
Nylon Level Line
Japanese Tapered Tenkara Line
Keiryu Line and Markers
EZ Keepers
Tactical Nymphing Sighter
Tenjo Line
Tenkara Line Holders

Tenkara Flies

Partridge & Orange soft hackle fly.

Tenkara Flies

Fly Boxes

Fly box showing rows of flies.

C and F Chest Patch Threader (CFA-50/THR)
Magnetic Midge Box
Minimalist Fly Box

Fly Rod Spoons

Ebira Rod Quivers
Rod Cases
Nets, Creels

Ebira rod quiver, with net and tenkara rod.

Ebira Plus
Ebira Guide
Rod Cases
Tenkara Creel

Packs, Bags, Pouches

BW Sports backpack

ZimmerBuilt Tenkara Gear
Tippet/Fly Pouch


Owner Super Yamame eyeless hooks.

Tenkara Hooks
Wide-Eyed Hooks™
Midge Hooks

Keiryu Fishing Gear

Micro Fishing Gear

Owner New Half Moon (loose) tanago hooks

Micro Fishing Rods - Tanago rods
Micro Fishing Rods - Suntech Kurenai
Micro Fishing Kit
Micro Fishing Hooks -Tanago Hooks
Micro Fishing Floats
Micro Fishing Weights
Micro Fishing Lines
Micro Fishing Photo Tank
Nikko Sashi (artificial maggots)
Tippet Connectors

TenkaraBum Apparel

TenkaraBum black T-shirt

Wader Gaiters
TenkaraBum T-Shirts

Streamside Tools

Gear Keepers
Flip-Focal Magnifiers


Tenkara Fly Fishing Insights & Strategies book cover.

simple flies

Domestic Shipping

Small, light items (even multiple items) are shipped via USPS First Class Mail. The shipping charge is $4.

Rods are shipped domestically via Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery). The shipping charge for rods that are less than 36" when collapsed is $10. The charge for rods that require a shipping box longer than 36" is $20.

Wader Gaiters, ZimmerBuilt slings and the 3x5 Photo tank are shipped via Priority Mail. The shipping charge is $10.

International Shipping

International shipments are sent via USPS First Class International if possible. Packages that are over 24" long or over $400 in value must be sent via Priority Mail International, which is much more expensive. The shipping charge will be calculated at checkout.

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"Study to be quiet." - Izaak Walton 1653

"Be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish..." Col. Robert Venables 1662

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