Micro Fishing Trip Reports

Vacation Schedule

I will be on vacation from June 2 through June 9. Packages will not be shipped and emails probably will not be answered while I am away.

Micro Fishing Trip Reports highlight fishing trips that specifically target micros. Micros that are caught on trips for larger species will be reported here also. Although there has proven to be a lot of interest in micro fishing among my regular readers and among my tenkara customers, I have gotten some feedback suggesting that it might be better to separate the micro fishing reports and the tenkara fishing reports.

Micro Fishing Trip Reports

Trip Report 8-11-19 - Slimy Sculpin and Cutlip Minnow

Trip Report 8-10-19 - Nikko Sashi

Trip Report 9-17-16 - Lunchtime Micro (bottom of page)

Trip Report 9-10-16 - Egg and Flour Paste Bait / Zero Fishing

Trip Report 7-3-16 - White Killer Bugger for Micros

Micro Fishing Gear, Don't Leave Home Without It - II October 11, 2015

Micro Fishing Gear, Don't Leave Home Without It October 4, 2015

Let Them Eat Steak 9-1-14

An  Introduction to Micro Fishing 6-30-14

Micro Fishing Trip Report 3-20-14

Micro Fishing Trip Report 10-6-13

Micro Fishing Trip Report 9-1-13

Trip Report 7-14-13 - They Talk!

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