Replacement Parts

Replacement tips are EXACTLY like the tip that came with your rod. They all have the lillian attached. For tips that have swivels the replacements will have the swivel and lillian attached.

Replacement parts are available for most of the rods that have been sold on

Japanese rod companies are required by law to supply replacement parts for five years after a rod has been discontinued. has been in business for over 10 years and many of the rods sold in the early years were disconinued by the manufacturer more than 5 years ago. Thus, there are some rods for which replacement parts just are not available.

There is a problem unique to some Shimotsuke rods. Shimotsuke moved production of their Tenkara 3.3 and 3.6 from one factory in China to a different factory in China and the parts from the new factory do not fit the rods made by the old factory. As soon as I learned of the problem I stopped selling the rods. The rods have been replaced by new models and I am not confident that new replacement parts will fit the old rods.

I have some parts in stock, but most parts will have to be ordered from Japan. Delivery time can range from weeks to months. I apologize in advance, but that's just the way it is.

And please, please, don't just say "I broke my rod and need a #1." Tell me what rod it is - manufacturer, model and length.

Through miscommunication, I've ordered the wrong parts for people before. I'd rather not do it again.

Parts ordered from Japan cannot be returned. For every part sold on, count from the tip. The tip section is ALWAYS #1 for all Japanese rods. Please be sure you are right. To rephrase a well-known carpentry saying "count twice, order once."

Please note: I do not have and cannot get parts for the following rods:

Any Tenkara USA rod
Any TAO Tenkara rod
Any DragonTail rod
Any Tenkara Rod Co. rod
Any Keiryu Rod Co. rod

Any spinning rod, bait casting rod or fly rod other than the ones I sell on or

You get the picture. I have or can get parts for the rods I sold, not for the rods I don't sell.

Please, please  remember: count down from the tip, do not count up from the grip!

And please tell me what rod you have. You know what you have, I would have to search years of sales records to try to find it - and if you have changed your email address or purchased the rod second-hand or direct from Japan, I wouldn't be able to find it anyway.

Please use this form Contact Us.

Please note that does not ship to the EU, Russia or the UK.

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