Replacement Parts

Replacement tips are EXACTLY like the tip that came with your rod. They all have the lillian attached. For tips that have swivels (Suntech, Daiwa Enshou, Kiyotaki, etc) the replacements will have the swivel and lillian attached.

Replacement parts are available - every part for almost every rod sold on*

However, I no longer have the #2 section for the Shimotsuke Tenkara 3.3 and 3.6. Shimotsuke moved production to a different factory in China and the parts from the new factory do not fit the rods made by the old factory. As soon as I learned of the problem I stopped selling the rods and reserved all the remaining rods I had in stock to use for replacement parts. I have now exhausted my supply of the #2 section. I have a very limited supply of other parts.

For every rod that is currently in stock, I have every part available for immediate shipment. Some of the parts themselves are in stock, and if not I'll take one off a rod in inventory and replace it with an order from Japan.

If I don't have either the part or the rod in inventory, I will have to order a part from Japan. The parts are available but it can take time to get them.

For now, though, and until I can get a page that has all the parts available for on-line ordering, if you need a part send me a message through the contact us form below.

And please, please, don't just say "I broke my rod and need a #1." Tell me what rod it is - manufacturer, model and length.

Through miscommunication, I've ordered the wrong parts for people before. I'd rather not do it again.

Parts ordered from Japan cannot be returned. Be sure you are right.

Please note: I do not have and cannot get parts for the following rods:

Any Tenkara USA rod
Any Badger Tenkara rod
Any DragonTail rod
Tenkara Rod Co. rod
Any TenkaraTimes rod

Any spinning rod, bait casting rod or fly rod other than the ones I sell on or

You get the picture. I have or can get parts for the rods I sell, not for the rods I don't sell.

Please remember, count down from the tip, not up from the grip!

And please tell me what rod you have. You know what you have, I would have to search years of sales records to try to find it.

Please use this form Contact Us.

Please note that does not ship to the EU, Russia or the UK.

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