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Winter Bream

by Frank Banks
(Elizabeth City, NC)

During the month of Jan. and Feb.,I have been fishing farm ponds in Easter NC for Bream and Bass. My Rods were the Kiyose 33SF and the Kiyose 43M. The line setup was using a 5 ft tapered woven line with 4 to 5 ft. of 5x tippet. I have caught more than a dozen Bream on several occasions using a yellow egg pattern tied with orange or pink glow thread. I then drop a size 20 Hares Ear off the eye of the egg fly. In addition I have a couple of small weights 6 inches above the top fly. Some days this has caused two fish hook ups at a time. A few Bass have been caught this way, but due to the cold weather the Bass are not very active. However if conditions are right I have caught Bream almost on every cast

Most fish have been caught on the Kiyose 33SF Rod which is the most sensitive rod and a blast for catching Bream and Bass.

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Feb 14, 2016
by: Rob Ruff

I really like the 43M. Today I landed a 15" rainbow with the 43M and 4 meters of #4.5 level line. The fly was a black killer bugger tied on a Wapsi jighead. The rod wasn't even close to its limit. Having that extra reach is great also.

Feb 15, 2016
Bream buster
by: Doug

Thanks for the post. I'm getting for a trip to the Okefenokee Swamp, and I read this about the local bream, known as a flyer:

"The key to awesome catches in "the swamp" is to get as basic as possible… a telescopic bream pole (without a reel) and a little fly called a sally. The traditional presentation for fliers is a small, yellow fly suspended under a float and pitched with a telescopic fiberglass "bream buster.""

I figured the "bream buster" must be a stiff rod, and since they are only $20 I ordered one. It is actually fairly floppy, and being a three piece rod, it is long and in the way when collapsed.

My Kiyose 33 is a much nicer rod, and you convinced me that it is the rod I'll bring to chase the bream.

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