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Keiryu fishing is similar to tenkara, although it uses bait rather than artificial flies. The rods are long, the line is light and no reel is used. Excellent drifts are possible - if anything, better than with tenkara. The rods tend to be longer and the lines both lighter and shorter than tenkara lines. Generally a single split shot is used to get the bait down to where the fish are.

Although people have been bait fishing with cane poles for almost as long as there have been cane poles, there are differences between cane poles and keiryu rods. Like tenkara rods, keiryu rods are much lighter, much more portable and much better at protecting light tippets. Light tippets not only protect the rod, they allow the bait to drift much more realistically with the currents.

Use of keiryu rods in the US is very new. The "Your Keiryu Stories" pages allow you to share information on what has worked for you.

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