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Wind & A Few Bluegills

by Herb S.
(Southwest Michigan)

Yesterday my fishing buddy, Marlin, his grown daughter Kelly and I went after bluegills on a big lake in his 17’ boat. We were bait fishing, they with spin-cast outfits and slip bobbers, and I with my Suntech FMX Keiryu Stiff 45. The bait du jour was wax worms. Mine were impaled on a #8 aberdeen hook below a 3/0 split shot on 5x tied to an 8# clear fluorocarbon line.

The overcast was nice, but the 15 to 20 mph wind wasn’t. Two anchors were necessary and even then we drifted some, dragging up wads of weed. Their bobbers and my line also took a beating by the wind, but my outfit was a great advantage, being able to raise and lower it to prospect at different depths and being so sensitive to bites. There weren’t a huge number of bites, however. As the fishing rags might say the 'gills were in a “negative mood”'. We released the 5 keepers in the live well. But it was the Suntech that caught the most, including quite a few half pints, further proving the rod’s sensitivity.

Despite the relatively poor results and fighting the wind, it was great to get out. Torrential rains in Michigan have really wiped out the early season. I’ve been trout fishing twice in a trout stream a two hour drive away, one weekend Trout Unlimited outing in Manistee County and once in my favorite local warm water stream when it was barely wadeable between deluges. Of all the many rivers in Manistee and Lake Counties, only one was wadeable at the time. However, to quote one of my favorite movie lines, we will endeavor to persevere.

Happy fishing,

Comments for Wind & A Few Bluegills

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Jun 12, 2018
Strange Spring
by: Les Albjerg

We have had an off spring here too. It warmed my heart to hear about how well the fixed line rig worked in the boat. I didn't have the courage last fall to take mine up to Cascade for perch fishing out of a boat. I will this year.

I love living in the high desert, but evening thunderstorms have kept me off the water a lot in the last 6 weeks. It has kept us out of the trees at the Bear Stand as well. Today is beautiful, but I am having to work late. Plus I have a couple of projects hanging over my head that will be keeping me home even for my 1 hour outings this week until they are done.

Jun 16, 2018
The Rod and Your Location
by: Herb S.

Les, I reported on this rod for boat fishing last year and if you recall it was a many day beating out 3 other guys fishing slip bobbers. Not bragging, just reporting being delighted with this marvelous keiryu rod. It’s a winner!
You indeed live in a paradise and your descriptions of the fishing and hunting are great fun to read and a reminder of one of my favorite outdoor writers. For many years Ted Trueblood wrote a monthly column in Field and Stream magazine. When he was first hired on he moved to New York but soon was allowed to move back to his beloved Nampa, Idaho and mail in his articles. From your reports I can see why. Thanks for the memories.
Happy fishing,

Jun 16, 2018
Inspired authors
by: Les Albjerg

Herb - Ted Trueblood's writings is what inspired me to seek out places to fish trout in Minnesota when I was a young boy. My Dad was a Walleye nut. I spent a few hours in the library one week before going up to our lake cabin, and found a couple of streams that had brook trout in them. I had a bike at the cabin, and road 12 miles to catch my first trout on a fly. I was hooked!

I find the pages of this website to be very educational and inspirational as well. Chris fishes the rods he sells and does very informative write-ups on each of the rods. Reading about the experiences of others with their equipment helps make informed decisions. It was through your write-up on the Suntech Aoi ZPRO that lead me to buy the Suntech Fine Power 56. That may sound strange, but because of reading about the ZPRO on this website, and then your experiences I was able to make an informed decision for a 5 meter rod that meets my fishing conditions. I had narrowed it down to 3 rods. That final choice was agonizing because all 3 rods were awesome! The Fine Power was the right choice for me. It didn't hurt that Chris concluded in his write-up the following: "Suntech makes quite a few very nice keiryu rods. Of all of them, the Fine Power is the most versatile."

It has now become my favorite long rod. Sorry Keiryu Sawanobori! Chris Stewart - You are an inspirational writer too! It was through your writing on your website that I realized that a premium rod was worth the money! Tailoring the rod to the fishing situation has been beyond amazing! From an 8-12 pound carp on a Kyogi to a 4-8 inch brookie on the Kurenai 30 and everything in between.

I have been having a ball with the Daiwa Sagiri 45 on Sunfish in the last 4 weeks. I bought this rod just for Panfish. One strange thing with this rod is that 80% of the time, it seems like the Sunfish after a good fight, just give up and swim directly to me. Last time out, I took two of my other rods, and the fish didn't act that way with them. Has anyone else had a similar experience? It feels to me like the fish is saying, "You have had your fun, now it it time to let me go."

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