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What rods should I bring across Canada?

by Dean

Nissin Zerosum 7:3 360 (I don't like cork handles so I'm probably not bringing)

Nissin Zerosum keiryu 620 (20ft, a beautiful rod I'm bringing for sure)

Daiwa Kiyose 43m AND 53m

Daiwa Sagiri 39mc AND 45mc

Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui 270

Nissin Flying Dragon 530

Pole & Line Rudow 8500 (28ft, probably not bringing with me)

Fox Trek Permit (7ft 4 piece Spin 10-25lb test surf rod)

I'm thinking of bringing the Spin rod + Fine mode 270 + Zerosum Keiryu 620 + Sagiri 39mc


Zerosum Keiryu 620 + Kiyose 43m + Fine Mode 270 + Sagiri 39 AND 45mc + Flying Dragon 530

Both of these options fit in my fox trek permit rod case

The question becomes, do I need to fish 20ft or deeper? I'm bringing a float tube(another thing to consider).

The question is do I want to bring a reel or should I go Pure Fixed Line...

These questions are haunting me, and I'm leaving in spring to go from Toronto to Vancouver through the northernly route, up to Timmins area.

Comments for What rods should I bring across Canada?

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Jan 27, 2016
Second option (and send frequent updates)l
by: Chris Stewart

Dean, I would go with the second option. Pure fixed line, but would also urge that you bring a camera and laptop if you have one, smart phone if you don't, and send in frequent updates so we can all follow you across! Sounds like a wonderful trip.

Jan 28, 2016
Lake Fishing The Prairie Provences
by: Herb S

Wow, what a great adventure! Your mention of bringing a float tube reminded me of a guest speaker at our Trout Unlimited meeting a few years ago. He was promoting his book, "Bob Sheedy's Lake Fly Fishing Strategies" about the "high latitude" lakes across the prairie provinces with trout to 15 pounds. Yes, fifteen pounds! The book is especially about float tubes and pontoons and is very detailed as to tackle, equipment, entomology, flies and even sonar for when the fish are deep -- maybe not a problem in spring. One of the locations he mentions is Russell, Manitoba near Riding Mountain National Park, which gives you an idea as to the latitude of the many lakes across Canada. I hope this helps and that you have a fantastic expedition!

Feb 01, 2016
Good options
by: Dean

Thanks for the good feedback, i should mention im going by bicycle, and summer usually the fish are within 20ft depth so ive heard. i hope the fixed line will do the trick.

im hoping to just catch the fish from shore on rivers, and if i cant, ill wade in. and if theres no fish, ill try the lakes nearby and if the shores dont work ill float tube into the lake. if no fish then ill eat my backup jerky with rice ^,^
the flying dragon carp rod should come handy where i know there will be monsters.

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