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Well I guess I'm no Tenkara angler

by billp

More like a bait on a Seiryu rod guy. I love my 3 Seiryu rods from Chris but not so much my 2 Tenkara rods from another source.

With bait or a tiny section of Berkley trout worm even a 8" fish is fun. And a 14 incher is a battle in current.

I bought a copy of Tenkara Today and highly recommend it. Now I wish they'd come out with a Keiryu and Seiryu Today. :-) Chris has a fair amount of exposure in there.

Comments for Well I guess I'm no Tenkara angler

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Oct 25, 2019
Me Neither, Bill
by: Herb S.

After buying a tenkara rod (not from Chris) it didn’t take long to realize that high gradient streams are mighty scarce in the banana belt of Michigan, not to mention most of the rest of the state. But once I discovered Tenkarabum’s much more versatile keiryu and seiryu rods I was hooked – yeah, pun intended. The sensitive non-cork grips are a plus as are the various lengths available for various stream sizes and conditions. The tenkara rod sits in its case alone and forlorn in a corner.

Oct 26, 2019
Maybe, but .....
by: Terry Farmer

The Tenkara question aside, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more dedicated angler. Keep on keepin on Bill!

Oct 26, 2019
hey Terry
by: billp

Sent you an email, got a BIGGIE yesterday.

Oct 26, 2019
by: billp

Amen Herb, amen.


Oct 28, 2019
by: Les Albjerg


It is hunting season so most of my fishing is on a pause. I guess, I do what catches fish! Looking back on my log, I did spin or baitcasting about 60% of the time this year. I used my true Tenkara rods about 25% of the time and my other rods 15% of the time. But, I fished Red Wigglers and Fly Rod Spoons a lot on my Tenkara rods. I would estimate true Tenkara at about 10% of the time. My spinning and baitcasting has settled in to when and where I enjoy that style of fishing. It will become less of my mix this year.

Winter fishing for me is Fixed line fishing. Last year it was mostly Euro-nymphing. This year, I am hoping to explore Kebari more and Chris' latest trip report has me excited to try this type of fishing. So it looks like the TenkaraBum 40 is going to continue to get more of a workout than I ever anticipated. To quote Chris, "...... Unfortunately, it seems many (actually many, many) people lost sight of the learning because they got hung up on the definition." I want to be a versatile fisherman, not a defined fisherman. I want to be an effective and efficient fisherman, not a labeled fisherman. I want Tenkara, true Tenkara, to be one of the tools in my tool box. It is fun. Last winter on the South Fork of the Boise, I fished a Keeper Kebari with the Suntech Fine Power 56 set at 53 and was much more effective than my fly fishing partners in that on 3 of our 4 trips I was the only one who caught fish. The restrictions on the South Fork, "barbless artificial lures only" lend themselves to fixed line fishing. Tenkara has its place, let's not get hung up on labels.

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