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"Tying" your own Micro Spoons?

by San Antonio, TX
(Maxwell H)

Last Friday, I fished a nice section of the Guadalupe River that was new to me. After getting some action (various bluegill and a couple small largemouth) on a few different bugger variations, I finally tried out some of the little Daiwa Presso 0.4g Vega spoons (I'd bought them almost exactly a year ago). To put it simply, I was impressed (and so were the fish). They absolutely hammered the little spoons. Once I got home, of course, my thought was "I need more of those"! But I found that they no longer existed (though I did put in an order for all of the available 0.5g Rodio-Crafts and a few 0.6g Forest Chasers).

So that got me to thinking: I really like to tie my own flies. So maybe there's a way to build these myself. I looked around and found that there are some spinner blades that could possibly fit the bill. Worth is the only mfr I found that actually lists all of their weights/dimensions, and a number of their blades in the 0, 1, 2 sizes fall into that ~0.5g sweet spot. So surely I can just buy some of those, drill/chamfer another hole for a ring and hook and be done with it. Maybe I play with a little bending to modify the flutter? Maybe I do a little painting, or get wild with some sparkles?

Anyway, there would definitely be a lot of trial and error involved, but I'm curious if anyone else around here has played around with such things or had similar thoughts.

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Aug 04, 2020
DIY micro spoons
by: Chris Stewart

Alan L in Missouri has made spoons (cut and hammered from scratch). Naif K in Arkansas and I have made micro flutter spoons with small spinner blades (probably either 00 or 0 sized, definitely not as large as a 1. "Flutter spoon" may not be the correct terminology. Naif attaches the blade to a standard straight eye fly hook with metal guitar string wire. Personally, I think I would use the 00 split rings and the Wide Eyed hooks.

I only tried the one I made for a few minutes and then went back to the Vega (it was that long ago).

Fun to play around with, but the Vegas and Blinde Flankers work so well I haven't really pursued the idea.

Aug 04, 2020
DIY w/Spinner Blades
by: Elwood

I have used 0 size willow blades for ice fishing, attached with split rings to hook of choice. Also, have soldered small hooks to blades. Thinking epoxy might be a lighter weight application.

Aug 05, 2020
they work ok
by: bill piatek

There is an article on the Michigan Sportsman "tackle talk" forum called "From Little Spinners to Micro Spoons". Unfortunately he used PhotoBucket and the pics are gone but the text is enough to make them. I've made a few with #2 willow blades and they work ok on slow pools. In the #2 they are about .5 gms.

Aug 05, 2020
Resin Spoons
by: TimothyHD

I've seen epoxy resin spoon flies made by embedding material into the wet epoxy which has been spread into a plastic spoon, then a hook pressed into it. Search youtube and you will find examples. It may take adaption for micros, but would be fun.

Aug 05, 2020
Porcelain coating
by: Les Albjerg

One of the bloggers over on Finesse Fishing introduced pebeco pocelaine coating. I've bought gold and silver 0.5 gram Rodio-craft Blinde Flankers and used the porcelain coating to make really great spoons. The nightmare pattern is deadly where I live, and the Rodio-craft doesn't come in that pattern. I've made my own. I've also found a "Tender Pink" to be a deadly color as well. You bake the spoon in the oven once it is coated, and end up with a really nice durable hard finish. Another deadly pattern is a gold spoon with half of the side the fish sees most half gold and half porcelain red.

I've thought about rolling my own, but for me the juice isn't worth the squeeze at this point.

Aug 05, 2020
by: Chris Stewart

For those who found after the Vega spoons had been discontinued, Nightmare was a gold spoon with the front painted black with bright orange spots. You can see a photo of one on the Fly Rod Spoons page on the site. Top photo of the small rainbow trout.

I've never seen the pattern with any spoon other than the Daiwa Vega, but it was an excellent color pattern.

Aug 05, 2020
Nightmare or sweet dream?
by: Jenny

After using one of the Nightmare Vega spoons on a high mountain lake last week, I BELIEVE. I've never had a 50-fish day before and fished with the spoon until the hook deformed. More hooks on order, as the spoon itself is in fine shape. That pattern seemed slightly more effective than the muted blackish-yellowish spoon I gave a friend, but the two of us outfished the rest of our party 5:1.

I am happy to have a stash of the Vegas and no longer feel guilty over going a little crazy when they were offered. Just gotta be sure I tie good knots so as not to lose them frivolously. I have wondered whether one could fish something like the Dardevle "Skeeter" the same way. At 1/32 oz (just shy of a gram) it is heavier, but now I am curious.

Aug 05, 2020
by: Chris Stewart

You can fish a Skeeter with your ultralight spinning rod but I would not fish a 1 gram spoon with a tenkara rod. You probably COULD, but I wouldn't.

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