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Tune up

by Kris Franqui

One of the highlights for me each summer is a trip to the best golden trout fishery in the state. It’s a brutal hike, but it calls me back every time. After catching the fish of a lifetime 2 years ago, I went back last year to catch a nice golden on my bamboo rod. This year, I need to see if I can catch a big one on a fixed line rod.

Today I hiked into an “easy” golden trout lake to catch some small fish with a couple of rods that I hadn’t used yet: Kurenai HM45R and Fine Power NP66. The steady slog up the 6.5 miles and 3200’ elevation gain was a good workout, as usual. I was able to get a couple hours of fishing in, although the wind was not kind and I wanted to get back to the car before the storm rolled in.

During the hike out, I soaked in the sights and sounds of the wilderness, thinking about what I had learned. I missed quite a few fish, particularly with the longer Fine Power. No fault of the rod, but I was unfamiliar with it. The wind created havoc on the 22’ rod, the indicator, and the line. I was also slow on the set as I was getting used to the inertia. I should have circled around to the other side of the lake to put the wind in a more favorable direction. I could have put on my floating line, but I thought I had forgot it. It wasn’t until I put the level line away that I saw the floater in my leader wallet.

All said, it was a successful trip. I got a solid workout. I caught some pretty little fish on each of the rods, and now I’m beginning to formulate a plan for the real trip. I will need to refine my gear choices and tactics, as well as get some practice with the Flying Dragon (did I mention the lake has BIG fish).

This turned out to be a nice dress rehearsal, but it only served to whet my appetite.

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Jun 22, 2020
Nice photos!
by: Jenny

One of the items on my bucket list is to catch rumored golden trout in Colorado, but there are more lakes in WY and MT that reliably host them. I just want to ask if the lake in your photo is the home of the monster goldens, or a cleverly substituted but beautiful photo? Happy fishing and good luck.

Jun 23, 2020
The photo
by: Kris

Jenny, the photo is of the lake in the story (taken on my phone)...with the smaller fish. They actually harvest the eggs from this lake to stock other lakes in MT. This is NOT the lake with the big fish, but I hope to have an article from that trip soon...possibly within a couple weeks.

Jun 23, 2020
by: Jenny

Thanks for the info. Will look forward to your report. Sounds amazing!

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