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Titanium line

by Mike
(Boulder, CO)

SOS Indicator

SOS Indicator

Discussions about "drag" usually relate to "drag" from water current. However, I feel that drag from the wind blowing from upstream is equally problematic. With tenkara, drag from water currents is nearly absent, but a wind can sometimes pick up a flouro line out of the water (yeah, yeah, I should just sit it out, but I don't). With a Ti line, that problem is solved.

I live in Colorado where the winds are often strong enough to be a problem. Recently, I have been using a 14'6" Daiwa 43MF that I use with a 1/2" thingamabobber to fish Deckers and Blue River -- tail waters. In that kind of water, I am not casting straight ahead. It is drift sideways, drift, drift, quick set, flip back upstream.

Most of the time, I use Chris's orange tenkara line because it is so easy to manage. A couple of casts and the kinks are out. But when the wind blows hard enough, i use the Ti line. The only resistance I feel is the thingamabobber being blown by the wind as I cast it. However, once the cast is completed, the thingamabobber does "anchor" the line, otherwise, with 14' 6" out there, a strong wind can blow hard enough to move the rod around!

Chris mentioned using a Ti line for Czech nymphing because the Ti lines sinks quickly and doesn't drag in the water. I like his idea. However, there are times when I still like using floats and adjust it based on the depth of the water. Sometimes I want to remove the float. Floats such as a thingamabobber and some yarn indicators would kink a titanium line and ruin it. I found a float called an SOS indicator that looks and floats as a thingamabobber, but does not kink it. The SOS indicator can be easily installed or removed as well, on a Ti line or any kind of line. It also has the advantage of not slipping. I enclose a photo of what it looks like.

I will write about using that combination when I have a chance to try it out on the river.

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May 24, 2015
SOS Bobbers
by: Alex Argyros

Thanks for your ideas. I'd like to try an SOS bobber, but can't find it on the web. Do you have source?

I use the same rod as you and alternate between using a Thingamabobber and a piece of yarn tied on the way Chris recommends in his recent "Strike Detection" article. If the nymphs are upstream of the bobber, the fact that the bobber moves faster than the flies creates a pretty tight connection between the two, resulting in easily detected strikes. But, the flies are usually pulled faster than the current (even with shot or a beadhead), a problem that can be minimized with a yarn indicator. So, I'm torn and go back and forth. I'd love to hear your, or anyone's, thoughts.

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