The cow goes moo!

by Jimi Fly
(Warrensburg, MO)

Ordered on the 16th your Purple Cow rod. Received on the 18th one Purple Cow. It says Guts on the rubberized grip which is very cool to me and any kid that may get one.

Already being a fan of the Kiyotaki rods from Shimotsuke I was sure I would like this little rod and at that price who could resist. Received the rod at 4 pm. In a hurry I threw a line and a kebari on and headed to my local pond. 30 minutes later I can safely say that this rod is not a toy but rather a capable little rod suitable for a kid or adult wanting to get into fixed line who is on a budget.

This little rod is a bit heavier, as was stated in the description, but not so heavy as to be uncomfortable. The line I use is always just simple Cortland fly line backing in bright yellow. The line I grabbed in a hurry to get to the water ended up being 10 ft long with 3 ft of tippet but I decided to try it anyway.

Casting was a bit different but it does cast wonderfully. The rubberized grip really feels nice to your fingers. The end cap fits snugly as it is rubber too. The end plug is just fine. I found casting tenkara style to be a breeze although the stroke may be a bit different. You can feel fish strike maybe not as sensitive as more expensive rods but who cares this cow is awesome.

I hooked a few small bluegill before hooking up a good hand size blue which put a nice bend in the rod but it never felt like it was going to break. I have had horrible experiences with Fountainhead tenkara rods so I'm always a bit worried about cheaper imitation rods but this is no imitation.

I give it a hardy 2 thumbs up. It's a very nice small glass rod that has no problem casting my size 10 kebari with way to much line on it. As far as a kids' rod this one will be perfect. For those overgrown small areas where you may worry about breaking a nicer rod in the trees or what have you I highly recommend the Kosasa Purple Cow.

I can't wait to put it in the hands of my nieces and nephews and watch them catch some fish with it, the length is perfect for a kid.

Congratulations Chris you have indeed found the purple cow of tenkara. If anyone is thinking of trying fixed line fishing or looking for a rod to get their kids started they need look no further than the Shimotsuke Kosasa. Moo Yeah!

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