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Level Lines

Nissin Oni Lines, pink and orange

I've waited a long time to get a Hi-Vis size 2.5 line. I think Nissin's Oni Tenkara line will prove to have been worth the wait.

The line comes in sizes 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5. The line also comes in an extremely bright fluorescent orange and an only slightly less vibrant pink. More info...

20m - $18.00

Oni Line Orange size 2.5

Oni Line Orange size 3.5

Oni Line Orange size 4.5

Oni Line Orange size 3

Oni Line Orange size 4

Sunline tenkara line spool

The Sunline Tenkara Buttobi (pronounced boot-toe-bee) Fluorocarbon 100% Level Line is a Hi-Vis fluorescent orange tenkara line that is extremely visible. In low light conditions it almost glows. The line is packaged on 30 meter spools that are about the size of tippet spools and come with an elastic band similar to that on the Varivas tippet. Available in sizes 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5.

Use the lightest line you can get away with. I use size 3 for seiryu rods, 5:5 tenkara rods and for most 6:4 rods and size 3.5 for almost everything else. Size 4 is good for beginners learning to cast and for breezy days. Use 4.5 only with the stiffest rods, windy days or wind resistant flies. More info...

Sunline Tenkara Buttobi Level Line - $15.00 for 30 meters

Sunline size 3

Sunline size 3.5

Sunline size 4

Yamatoyo level fluorocarbon line is fluorescent yellow and is extremely visible, even in very low light conditions. The spools hold 50 meters of line, compared to 20 for the Nissin Oni line and 30 for the Sunline

Yamatoyo Level Line - $17 for 50 meters

Size 3

Size 3.5

Size 4

Tapered Lines


The Nissin PALS SP Pro lines are constructed by twisting together multiple filaments of fluorocarbon. The twisting process causes the filaments to hold together tightly to form a unified line. Because the filaments are of different length, the line tapers from the rod end to the tippet end.

The line is quite a bit heavier than a level fluorocarbon line, which makes it easier to cast. That makes the line sag more, so more of the line will be in the water. Because the line is clear rather than hi-vis, being in the water doesn't seem to scare the fish.

Being heavier, the line will do quite well with stiffer rods, and will do much better than a lighter line when trying to cast into a breeze.

Nissin PALS SP Pro 3.3m - $30
Nissin PALS SP Pro 3.6m - $30

Line Holders

Chibi Maru tenkara line holder

The Meiho Chibi Maru tenkara line holders allow you to keep a line fully rigged - with tippet and fly or flies attached even after you have taken the line off the rod. Also they do not cause the kinks in fluorocarbon line that you get with EZ Keepers. If you have lines of different lengths and weights (recommended) you might want more than one package of line holders.  More info...

Chibi Maru - Small Tenkara Line Holders (package of two) - $10


Varivas Nylon Tippet

Varivas Super Tippet Master Spec  has a resin coating and a "non stress" coating that is supposed to make it more abrasion resistant and also resistant to kinking.

50-meter spool - $16  More info...

Varivas Nylon
Master Spec II 6X

Varivas Nylon
Master Spec II 7X

Varivas Nylon
Master Spec II 8X

Varivas Fluorocarbon Tippet

Varivas Fluorocarbon tippet package

Varivas Master Spec is also available in fluorocarbon. Although I generally use nylon tippets, many anglers prefer fluorocarbon when fishing wet flies and nymphs. Fluorocarbon's greater density does make it sink better than nylon, and the refractive index is much closer to that of water so fluorocarbon is less visible.

30 meter spool - $16

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec II 6X

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec II 7X

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec II 8X

Horsehair Line Kit

Horsehair Line Kit (discontinued)

I no longer sell the Horsehair Line Kit. The full set of instructions for making a horsehair line are on the Horsehair Lines page.


Domestic shipping is via USPS First Class Mail (unless ordered with an item that must go via Priority Mail, and which has a higher shipping charge). Rates are $4.00 for packages that weigh under 8 ounces and $6.50 for packages that weigh over 8 ounces. The charge is added to your order automatically.

Please note: All packages are shipped via USPS. If you have a PO Box, please list ONLY the PO Box in your address, not the PO Box and your street address.

The charge for international shipping depends on the destination country, the weight of the package, the overall length of the package and the value of the package.

International shipments

International purchases may be subject to import duties and taxes. I cannot keep track of all import regulations in all countries written in all languages. Understanding and paying import duties and taxes is the responsibility of the buyer.


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The new VAT regulations are too onerous for a one-man shop that rarely ships anything to the UK anyway. I apologize.

Priority Mail Upgrade

In many cases, my standard shipping (USPS First Class) is just as fast as Priority Mail - but not always. If you want your line or other small items to be mailed via Priority Mail (normally 2-3 day delivery anywhere in the US) there is an extra fee of $4. If you order a rod at the same time as the line, do not add the $4 because rods are already shipped via Priority Mail.

Priority Mail Upgrade - Additional $4

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