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YGK line spool

Hi-Vis fluorocarbon in sizes 2 and 1.5 is available again! The YGK line is a salt water fishing line rather than a tenkara line. It works great for tenkara and comes with 150m on a spool. That ought to be a lifetime's supply. Fluorocarbon line casts more easily than nylon, even in these sizes.

YGK Hi-Vis Fluoro size 1.5
150m - $25
YGK Hi-Vis Fluoro size 2
150m - $25

Nissin Oni Lines, pink and orange

I've waited a long time to get a Hi-Vis size 2.5 line. I think Nissin's Oni Tenkara line will prove to have been worth the wait.

The line comes in sizes 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5. The line also comes in an extremely bright fluorescent orange and an only slightly less vibrant pink. More info...

20m - $18.00

Oni Line Orange size 2.5

Oni Line Orange size 3

Oni Line Orange size 3.5

Oni Line Orange size 4

Oni Line Orange size 4.5

Oni Line Pink size 2.5

Oni Line Pink size 3

Oni Line Pink size 3.5

Oni Line Pink size 4

Oni Line Pink size 4.5

Sunline tenkara line spool

The Sunline Tenkara Buttobi (pronounced boot-toe-bee) Fluorocarbon 100% Level Line is a Hi-Vis fluorescent orange tenkara line that is extremely visible. In low light conditions it almost glows. The line is packaged on 30 meter spools that are about the size of tippet spools and come with an elastic band similar to that on the Varivas tippet. Available in sizes 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5.

Use the lightest line you can get away with. I use size 3 for seiryu rods, 5:5 tenkara rods and for most 6:4 rods and size 3.5 for almost everything else. Size 4 is good for beginners learning to cast and for breezy days. Use 4.5 only with the stiffest rods, windy days or wind resistant flies. More info...

Sunline Tenkara Buttobi Level Line - $18.00 for 30 meters

Sunline size 3
Sunline size 3.5

Sunline size 4
Sunline size 4.5

Fujino White tenkara line package

When I took the White Tenkara line out for the first time I decided I really liked it. It is visible enough to see. I didn't fish it in late evening or deep shade, when you might want to switch to the bright orange Soft Tenkara. It is also likely to be a lot more stealthy. I don't think brightly colored lines scare fish, but I know some people think they do. This line, with the sky as a background, should be almost invisible to the fish.

I was actually a bit surprised at how well the Fujino White Tenkara line casts. It may be that I have become a better caster in the last few years, but it might be the line also. More info...

Fujino White tapered nylon tenkara line - $15.50

Fujino White Line, 3m

Fujino White Line, 3.3m

Fujino White Line, 3.6m

Fujino Midi tenkara line package

The Tenkara Midi line is a tapered tenkara line that is essentially a long,  knotless tapered leader that is extremely hi-vis. It is nylon, which means it will not cast as easily as a fluorocarbon level line in a breeze, but it settles to the water's surface very softly and will not sink as quickly as fluorocarbon. You might prefer it for fishing small dry flies. I find it works better with softer rods. More info...

Fujino Midi tapered nylon tenkara line - $15.50

Tenkara Midi Line, 3.5m

Tenkara Midi Line, 4m

Tenkara Midi Line, 4.5m

Fujino Soft tapered nylon tenkara line - $15.50

The Fujino Soft Tenkara is very similar to the Midi Tenkara line. It is nylon and extremely visible. I would highly recommend that people who produce YouTube videos of their tenkara fishing use either this line or the Midi line. Your viewers will want to watch your line and this one is much more likely to show up on camera than a thinner level line.

Other than the color, the biggest difference between the Soft line and the Midi line is that the long butt section of the Soft line is a little thinner than the butt section of the Midi line.

Soft Tenkara 3.3m

Soft Tenkara 4m

Soft Tenkara 3.6m

Soft Tenkara 5m

Keiryu Line and Markers

Sunline Tenjo Line package

Technically, this is a line for ayu fishing rather than keiryu fishing, but it is the right size to use as a tenjo line for most of the keiryu rods I carry. It is an extremely bright fluorescent orange, so it is much more visible than the clear or black lines that keiryu anglers use. It is thinner than 3X tippet, so it has little weight and minimal line sag.

The tenjo line (translates as "heaven" or "sky" line) is the upper portion of a three piece keiryu line. It is hi-vis so you can get a sense of where you line is during the cast. It is thicker than your main line to reduce tangles and so that you should never lose it to snags (the weaker tippet should always break first). Attach it to your lillian with a girth hitch. I use between 3' for the 4.5m keiryu rods up to 6' for the 6+m rods. Tying a tippet ring to the other end makes attaching the main line easier.

The middle portion of the keiyu line is the main line, for which you can use fluorocarbon tippet material anywhere from 4X to 8X, depending on the rod and how light you want to go. The markers are tied to this section of line. I tie a tippet ring to the end of the main line.

The third portion of the keiryu line is the "hook length" (British term) or actual "tippet," to which the split shot is clamped and to which your hook is attached.

Sunline Tenjo Line, Fluoro, size 1.25 - $15

The Owner Pro Marker package contains pre-cut markers in fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, white, fluorescent orange, and  fluorescent chartreuse. Each pre-cut marker is about 3" long and is just knotted around the line.

Because the markers are pre-cut they are very convenient to use. Perhaps the biggest advantage the Pro Markers have over the Bright Markers, though, is that you can very easily use markers of different colors. All the colors are quite visible, but using more than one color at a time really makes them stand out against any background. More info...

Owner Pro Marker spools.  6m per spool.

Line Holders

Chibi Maru tenkara line holder

The Meiho Chibi Maru tenkara line holders allow you to keep a line fully rigged - with tippet and fly or flies attached even after you have taken the line off the rod. Also they do not cause the kinks in fluorocarbon line that you get with EZ Keepers. If you have lines of different lengths and weights (recommended) you might want more than one package of line holders.  More info...

Chibi Maru - Small Tenkara Line Holders (package of two) - $10


Varivas Nylon Tippet

Varivas tippet package

Varivas Super Tippet Master Spec  has a resin coating and a "non stress" coating that is supposed to make it more abrasion resistant and also resistant to kinking.

50-meter spool - $17  More info...

Varivas Nylon, 3X

Varivas Nylon, 5X

Varivas Nylon, 7X

Varivas Nylon, 9X
Varivas Nylon, 4X

Varivas Nylon, 6X

Varivas Nylon, 8X

Varivas Fluorocarbon Tippet

Varivas Fluorocarbon tippet package

Varivas Master Spec is also available in fluorocarbon. Although I generally use nylon tippets, many anglers prefer fluorocarbon when fishing wet flies and nymphs. Fluorocarbon's greater density does make it sink better than nylon, and the refractive index is much closer to that of water so fluorocarbon is less visible. 30 meter spool.

Sizes -2X, 0X and 1X are equivalent to Japanese line sizes 4, 3 and 2.5, respectively. You can use them as clear, ultra stealthy tenkara line.

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec -2X
(Japanese size 4)
25m spool - $17
Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec 0X
(Japanese size 3)
25m spool - $17

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec 1X
30m spool - $17
Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec 2X
30m spool - $17

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec
30m spool 3X - $17
Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec 4X
30m spool - $17

Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec 8X
30m spool - $17
Varivas Fluorocarbon
Master Spec 10X
30m spool - $17

Carp Tippet

Varivas heavy tippet package

Varivas Master Spec Fluorocarbon tippets for carp fishing . The 5X tippet you use on your tenkara rod isn't going to cut it with carp. If you have a carp rod rated for heavier tippet, use it.

When used as a tenkara line along with the TenkaraBum Tactical Nymphing Sighter, it makes an extremely stealthy rig for fishing weighed nymphs

Varivas Master Spec Fluorocarbon - $14
-2X and 0X - 25m spools
1X, 2X, 3X - 30m spools

-2X = size 4 tenkara line
0X = size 3 line
1X = size 2.5 line
2X = size 2 line

Varivas Fluorocarbon -2X
16 lb test - $16

Varivas Fluorocarbon 0X
13.2 lb test - $16

Varivas Fluorocarbon 1X
11.2 lb test - $16

Varivas Fluorocarbon 2X
9.6 lb test - $16

Varivas Fluorocarbon 3X
7.2 lb test - $16

Tippet Rings

Stonfo tippet ring package

Tippet rings are a handy way to tie tippet onto your line or to tie droppers onto you tippet if you fish with multiple flies. I especially like them for constructing keiryu lines, which consist of different diameters of very light line.

These are the tippet rings sold by Stonfo in Italy. They come on a very handy split ring so you can easily tie your line or tippet to the tippet ring before removing the tippet ring from the split ring. No more lost rings!

Tippet Rings (package of 10) - $8.50

Horsehair Line Kit

Horsehair Line Kit (discontinued)

I no longer sell the Horsehair Line Kit. The full set of instructions for making a horsehair line are on the Horsehair Lines page.


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Priority Mail Upgrade - Additional $4

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