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Tenkara vs. Fly Fishing

by Jimi Fly
(Warrensburg, MO)

jimi fly

jimi fly

It's no contest.
There is no question.

If you are using a fly, it is fly fishing........even if you're dapping or high sticking. If you're using bait, it's bait fishing..........even if its a fly rod or a tenkara rod or a tanago rod. Bait fishing is bait fishing regardless of the rod you are using and in turn fly fishing is fly fishing even if you are using a giant Walmart crappie pole and simply dapping. If you are using bait or a fly and no pole it is hand line fishing. If you are using an actual dead or alive fly on any kind of pole then I will assume you are using bait thereby you are bait fishing. I am a fly fisherman even when I am using a 7 foot rod because I tied that fly that is going to catch those fish.

If you are using a hook with nothing on it, well that is a whole different debate.

Jimi Fly

P.S. If you are using a Blue Fly well then you must know Chris and I bet you are catching fish!

Comments for Tenkara vs. Fly Fishing

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Aug 11, 2013
Yes, but...
by: TenkaraBum

Check the local fishing regulations. Their definition of fly fishing is the only one that matters - and then only if you want to fish in waters reserved for fly fishing only.

Aug 11, 2013
Shades of grey
by: Dwight

You're bait fishing if you put Fly Flecks on your fly. Are you bait fishing if you use some scent, but no bait? What about an old fly that has been used enough to pick up an odor from fish it has touched in the past? I have caught catfish after rubbing the fly on the remains of a dead fish that that I found on the bank.

Where do you draw the line?

Aug 11, 2013
Draw the line
by: Jimi Fly

I usually try not to draw any lines. I think I was just trying to make a point directed at folks who poo poo using a tanago rod tenkara style or who say tenkara is not fly fishing. I also did not mention lures as well as scent. It is all just fishing I guess. Did someone say dynamite?

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