Tenkara & Hi-Vis Orange vs Western

by Delane
(Portland, OR, USA)

Just got back from fishing the Breitenbush River in Central Oregon. My sons, grandsons and son-in-law head up there every year while the women enjoy a week at the Oregon Coast during the same week.

This year was my first outing with may Amago rod and the Orange Hi-Vis Lines. A perfect match for this river. The river was higher and faster than normal due to snow melt, but they have been planting the river with 1800 fish per week since the middle of May. Tenkara met the challenge from the very first cast and rainbows staying in most every pocket in front and behind most every large rock.

While fishing the 2nd morning on the river I was approached by a guy who was curious about may rod and techniques being used. He was pretty quick to pass judgement and could not see any advantage to the Tenkara system, so I presented him with a challenge; I pointed to a pocket about 20 feet from shore and ask him to make a drag free drift through the pocket. The first cast he made lost a fly due to brush and trees close by to our rear. After tying on another fly he tried a roll cast which the river quickly took his weighted line downstream. After a dozen tries, or so, he gave up and admitted it was impossible for him to get in to that area of water and challenged me to reach the same pocket.

An easy sling shot cast to hit the pocket, raised the rod so just the fly and a bit of the tippet was along the seam, a drag free drift and a nice 14 inch trout came to shore. The guy now wants to learn more about Tenkara.

I do love Tenkara and the Hi-Vis line can't be beat! With the fast water on a bright day and lots of white water flowing around, the orange line was visible and made hitting those pockets a whole lot easier. My western rods that I have made are now on display in my den and the Amago is near the door ready for the next trip.

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