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Tenkara Fishing At The Hatchery

by Herb S.
(SW Michigan)

On April 21 our Trout Unlimited chapter held our annual “meet the DNR” meeting at the local state fish hatchery. We were told we could fly fish the show pond with hook-less flies with the enticement, “If you've always wondered what it feels like to experience a really big trout rise to your fly, this is your chance.” Really big is an understatement, huge is more like it. So I brought my 12’ Iwana in case some of the “normal” fly flingers wanted to try it. None did, but I was gleefully accused of fishing with a cane pole by one member, and I got the impression others wanted to say the same. So it was with great pleasure that my first cast not only got the first hit of the evening, but the 3” PINK yarn “worm fly” got caught in the monster brown’s teeth and it was a tremendous battle for several seconds until the yarn came unstuck. There were other strikes on the worm and others got rises to their dry flies, but this was the only fight. What a blast! And I learned something. Now Pink Micro Chenille fly production is going full blast in the geezer cave.

Comments for Tenkara Fishing At The Hatchery

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May 03, 2016
by: TIMMY!

Hook less flies??? WTH! How does that work?

May 03, 2016
LOL Timmy
by: Herb S.

Yeah, that's what they called 'em in the TU chapter email. What they meant was that once the fly was tied the hook was to be cut off at the bend so nothing poked the trout. They could have said "pointless" but that would be pointless too. Glad you pointed it out.

May 03, 2016
Not supposed to work!
by: Chris Stewart

Timmy, it's a fish hatchery. They don't want you to catch their fish. They let these guys in the TU chapter get a strike but required them to use hookless flies so they didn't hook any of the fish. Otherwise, strictly no fishing in the hatchery!

May 03, 2016
pointless is not really pointless
by: Terry Farmer

I googled pointless fly fishing once and found a whole sub culture of folks that cut the points off their flies. For them, the strike is the thing, not the landing. Of course there are scoffers and well wishers for the idea, similar to the catch and release vs. catch and keep and/or fly vs. bait ideologies. I say just get out, fish and have fun. Life's to short to spend on silly arguments. Happy trails and tight lines!

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