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Streamside Repair

by Walter Ayers
(Auburn, WA , USA)

On my second outing with my Tenkarabum 36 I managed to snap off the tip through an act of clumsiness. It was getting late and we were a few miles from my truck and a replacement rod, so a quick fix was needed. I was using a level line leader so I attached it to the tip with a uniknot. The first few attempts slid off. My wife suggested a duct tape repair, she never goes out in the woods with out it. So a half inch strip of duct tape was wrapped on the end of the rod tip. The tape worked as a stopper to prevent the uniknot from sliding off and it worked flawlessly. Numerous fish were caught and landed including a 12 inch bull tout. In the future a strip of duct tape will be added to my fly box.

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Sep 12, 2016
Spare Tip
by: John

Do this, buy a spare tip, and carry it with you.

Sep 12, 2016
Spare rod rather than spare tip
by: Chris Stewart

To carry a spare tip safely you need a rod case. If you are carrying a rod case it is just as easy to bring a spare rod, which over the course a season will be much more useful than a spare tip.

Most people will never need a spare rod tip but most will find a need for a second rod.

Sep 12, 2016
by: Terry Farmer

Yep, I agree with Chris on this. I always carry a spare rod and sometimes two in one of Chris's lightweight rod cases. Also handy if and when I encounter different water conditions. I hook the tube to my belt like a holster. Worn like this it also doubles as a handy place to put the butt end of the rod you're using while changing flies, taking a picture or unraveling a wind knot. No more laying the rod down and stepping on it. (First hand experience with the latter!)

Sep 12, 2016
Easy quiver
by: Alan Luecke

A couple of holes and some parachord and a medium rod case becomes an over shoulder quiver, out of the way and out of the water when the wading gets serious.

Sep 14, 2016
Two rods
by: Doug

Yeah, I often bring a second rod set up with a Czech nymph weight offering to dredge deep holes. I carry it in Costco hydration pack with a slot cut in the top. Or I bring my Pocket Mini in my waist bag.

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