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Still No Carp

by Alan Luecke
(Kansas City, MO)

Shortnose Gar

Shortnose Gar

My quest for a carp on my carp rod continues to be unsuccessful, but I am checking in with the other larger species in the neighborhood. I spent a recent morning in Indian Creek in south Kansas City and did in fact cast to three carp. One was spooked by the line and the other two totally ignored my fly on their way back to the big hole where they hang out.

The Shortnose Gar on the other hand were active and cooperative. These two and another in the 20" range were all caught by putting a Killer Bugger right by their nose as they cruised the surface in shallow water. Their strike is usually to the side and very aggressive.

Even though I know it's coming, the strike is so sudden and startling I often overreact and jerk the fly out of it's mouth. The mouth is hard but good sets are not difficult. Because the mouth is narrow, the body of the fly often ends up on the outside of the jaw and clear of the teeth.

Comments for Still No Carp

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Jun 16, 2018
Carp are Smart
by: Les Albjerg

Alan - I highly recommend getting a copy of "Carp on the Fly, A Flyfishing Guide." by Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus and John Berryman. It is forwarded by Dave Witlock.

I learned last year, Carp are smart. Maybe wary is a better word. They remind me of hunting turkey's. If they spot you, your busted. Those two that swam off to their hole, knew you were there.

One of the biggest tips I got from the book is: You have to make the first cast count, you usually don't get a second to the same fish. A part of that tip in the book is to wet your fly before you cast it out.

Love the Gar picture. We don't have those around here.

Alan your day will come, and then you will be hooked!

Jun 17, 2018
Pretty cool!
by: Mike Schelp

What size and type of equipment are you using?

Jun 17, 2018
by: Tony S

Congrats, I love gar fishing. I wish they were easier to come by up here (much easier to get carp here). I'm gonna try and get some shortnose and longnose this summer on the Kyogi as well.

Jun 17, 2018
by: Tony S

Carp are tough. I agree, make the first cast count for sure. I watch the behavior of each carp I see, if I don't see it actively feeding on anything I usually ignore it because the ones that are just swimming around normally ignore my bait/fly

Jun 17, 2018
All too well
by: Alan Luecke

The Gar were caught on the Kyogi 18 set up heavy for carp with #4 level line and OX tippet. The flies were various Size 12 Killer Buggers in white, black and olive all with 7/64th beads.

My quest is to catch a carp on the Kyogi, up until now I've used the Kiyose 43 and 53. I caught my first fixed-line carp almost five years ago and have landed about five or six since along with breaking off at least that many and scaring off untold dozens. Knowledge and experience prepare you for the disappointment that is sure to follow.

I'm confident that I'll get a carp this summer, but it will probably be in a lake. Creeks double the challenge of an already difficult target.

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