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Shimano Keiryu Tenkara 34-38ZL
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The Shimano Keiryu Tenkara 34-38ZL is designed to be the only rod you need for fishing mountain streams. The "keiryu" in the name is the Japanese word for mountain stream, so the name is essentially "Mountain Stream Tenkara 34-38ZL and should not be confused with "keiryu rod," the common name for rods designed for bait fishing.

It is a zoom rod which can be fished at lengths of 3.4 meters or 3.8 meters. Those two lengths do pretty much cover all the waters Japanese tenkara anglers fish, other than the honryu (main streams for which they generally would fish rods of about 4.5 meters in length).

The rod is a bit firmer at its shorter length, which is well suited to more precise casting to smaller targets. At the longer length, it is a delightfully smooth full flex rod. Even then, though, the hollow tip, which is found on all shimano tenkara rods, will give you tight looped fly first casts.

More info on the Shimano Keiryu Tenkara 34-38ZL

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Tenryu Fly Rods
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The remaining Tenryu Fates StreamWalker fly rods are 7'3". They are 3-wt rods. The rods differ not only in their length - they have very different actions. The 7'3" rod is described as having a fast action for pinpoint casting.

More information about the Tenryu Fly Rods.

Two rods in stock

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