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Snowshoeing and Tenkara in SE Minnesota

by Paul Tronnes
(Rochester, MN, USA)

Now my favorite winter sport

Now my favorite winter sport

Snowshoeing and tenkara make for perfect winter recreation. The destination today was a favorite state park in SE Minnesota. My first season winter fly fishing, I love the tranquility and solitude--I had the park to myself. Today I found my groove. No hang-ups in the branches above. No tangled lines to replace. No snags or lost flies. Tenkara is perfect for winter fly fishing. No issues with iced up equipment. My casting felt on point. I found several nice holes. The rainbows were stacked up in water just a few feet wide. Cast after cast, I put my nymph on just the right spot. I landed 11, with many more hook ups that got off. The biggest was 14 inches. It felt like a lunker on a light rod. Took me several minutes to land it. My Tenkara Bum 36 handled it with ease even in the current. Thank you, Chris, for the outstanding service and information available on this site.

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Jan 12, 2018
Nymph question
by: Charlie Phelps

Hi Paul,

That sounds heavenly and is something I would like to do. I live west of the Twin Cities and plan on working my way down to a park North of St. Charles some weekend when it warms up a bit. I'm sure you can guess the park!

Were you using bead head nymphs?

And what size was working for you?

Also, is this a recent post? .... I can't tell.

Thank you for sharing!


Nov 25, 2018
I thought your name sounded familiar!
by: Charlie Phelps

Hi Paul,

I enjoyed bumping into you and talking tenkara yesterday. Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts - and the heavy little streamer!

When I was driving home I wondered to myself if you were the 'guy that wrote about snowshoeing' here. ...Sure enough!

I only had an hour, but I emulated your technique and caught two Browns - one of them was a nice one. They were in skinny, riffley water above a pool. :)

I caught a nice Rainbow across the current in barely-moving foamy water. I dead-drifted a few times and then on the third cast I tap-tap-tapped my rod just above the handle with one of my fingers and that was when the Rainbow hit.

I won't get back until sometime in 2019, but am already looking forward to it.



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