Silver Lining

by John Evans
(San Antonio, TX)

Fishing the Guadalupe Has Been Excellent this Spring

Fishing the Guadalupe Has Been Excellent this Spring

In no way would I want to minimize the effect of the global pandemic on the United States of America. At the time of this writing, there are 1.7 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in this country and more than 100,000 fatalities. The unemployment rate hovers around 15%, the worst since the Great Depression. The human cost has been horrific.

Yes, I know that everyone has a different take on the situation . . . what should have been done, when it should have been done . . . what the numbers actually mean. Believe me, as a minister I’m accustomed to having vigorous discussions on difficult issues!

But, may I gently offer at least a glimpse of a silver lining? I have been encouraged by the number of people I see heading outdoors, visiting local parks, at a safe distance, heading to the rivers, and maybe even doing a little angling, including tenkara.

Right now in Texas the state parks are in a gradual re-opening phase. For day use, you have to make on-line reservations and print up your own pass. Overnight camping is strictly regulated as well.

Despite these inconveniences, however, I see more people heading outside, hiking, kayaking, and enjoying a little sunshine. That has to be a good thing under most circumstances, doesn’t it?

One state park I frequent has an undeveloped area that normally receives very little traffic. It’s out-of-the-way with few conveniences. Yet, the last two times I’ve visited this area, at least twice the normal number of people have ventured out. They were all respectful, generously distanced and polite to a fault. It turns out that viruses can bring out the best in people.

Also, the fishing has been excellent this spring, with good weather and water quality in my part of the world. The rivers and streams are rising with the rain. One morning on the Guadalupe River, using my Nissin Zerosum 360, I caught nearly 100 fish . . . Guadalupe and largemouth bass, catfish, cichlids, green and redbreast sunfish, you name it. It was one of those days that makes every other day seem better.

Hey, I’ve even fielded an extra number of questions about my tenkara gear. People want an excuse to be outside even more, I think. I’m hoping that at least a few of them will visit the Tenkarabum website.

Perhaps I’m naïve, but I still believe in the spirit of this country.

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