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Short (stiff) rod, long line.

by Carlos

This an idea I want to share, maybe someone else can also benefit from it.

Lately I've been fishing using a short (9'), stiff (7:3), powerful (45 penny) rod paired with a long (13') PVC line.

What for?
Tight mangrove channel fishing from a Kayak.
Mangrove banks and roots is where my target fish (snook) lives and many of that banks has a cover of overhanging branches. The shorter stiff rod works for a precise presentation that is key to this fishing and, at the same time, has enough backbone to pull an occasional lunker out of the roots.

You can present a fly with a longer rod but with the shorter one it is much easier to make a lower presentation. Also sometimes you just have no room to lift the long rod to set the hook.

The longer line is to compensate the lack of rod reach and I prefer the PVC ones cause sometimes the only possible way to present the fly is by roll casting it under the branches. And that line accomplishes it better than any other I've tried.

All the best.

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Jul 01, 2014
Not just for snook
by: TenkaraBum

Most people in the US don't have the opportunity to fish for snook, but there are applications for that approach here. On the lakes and ponds I fish, there are usually trees right on the shore whose branches extend out over the water. My friend, who is a spin fisherman, skips Senkos in under the branches (much like skipping a rock). I can't do that with a tenkara rod. I am sure for kayak fishing in a lake with trees along the shore, using a shorter stiffer rod like the Daiwa Kiyose 30SF or Shimano Kozuka 30NT with a PVC line like the RIGS floating line would work about as well as the slightly shorter, slightly stiffer rod Carlos uses.

Thanks for the tip.

Dec 02, 2014
short stiff rod-name ?
by: Wheeler

Carlos I kayak fish the Fl gulf coast for redfish/trout. Hope to snook fish in the Spring in SW Fl in the mangroves. Would like know the name of the 9' 7:3 rod you referred to while snook fishing? Chris suggested 2 other rods. Will keep them in mind. Thank u in advance for the info. Have a great day.

Dec 02, 2014
short stiff rod 9' 7:3
by: Wheeler

Chris do u sell the rod thar Carlos referred to (unnamed) in the above story. hop u do. Have read about the 2 you recommended. Thank you.

Dec 02, 2014
AFB Yokoshima 270
by: Blatt

The rod i was refering to is the All Fishing Buy Yokoshima 270. I've wrote a small review on it somewhere here at the tenkarabum.
It is not the fanciest rod out there but is worth the money.

Dec 02, 2014
I don't carry AFB rods
by: Chris Stewart

Wheeler, I don't carry the AFB Yokoshima 270. I do have a 270 rod, the Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui, but it is not nearly as stiff as the Yokoshima. The closest I have in a short, stiff rod is the Nissin Sensui 300, which is a 34 penny rod. It isn't as stiff as the Yokoshima, but it is plenty stiff enough for modest snook in the mangroves.

Dec 03, 2014
Short stiff rod
by: wheeler

Carlos thank u for the quick response and info. I do appreciate it..before I go to Sw Fl I will try snook fishing in central West Fl (Crystal River,Fl)) where we have a house. Will target snook.we live inland in No. fl. ??. Is the .8mm tip too fragile for22-26 snook or redfish? What is the largest snook u have caught on theYokoshima? New to tenkara. Purchased the kyojin recently for reds along the creek banks but have not fished the tenkara yet. It has a 2.43mm tip. Interested in yoko. for mangrove areas. Sorry for so many ?, but would appreciate the feedback. My wife and I are in mid 70s. Thank you. Ed

Dec 03, 2014
Small game
by: Blatt

Ed, perhaps i do have areas with very large snook i consider tenkara as small game.
So the snooks i target are around the 16" mark at most.
The reason i use a stiff rod is cause even a 12" snook can be darn fast and strong to carry your line under the mangroove roots or oister banks in the blink of an eye.
The reason i like it shorter is sometimes, in mangrove channels, you just don't have room to lift the rod and set the hook. Also, a shorter rod will help with accurate fly presentation wich is crucial with snooks.

About the tip rod thickness, the trick is to respect the rod's manufacturer tippet suggestion. If you do like that, no matter how big a fish is, the rod tip will be protected.

About those real big snooks, my guess is that if one really wants to go after them will need a longer rod to aplly the right leverage and stop their run. But then one has to chase for them in more wide open areas, that, in my area, means to face strong winds, and that is a game i don't want to play.
P.S: Snooks has very, very, very abrasive sandpaperlike mouths, so use an FC shock tippet.

Dec 17, 2014
1st tenkara trip (kayak)
by: Wheeler

Hi Carlos. Update: fished @ Crstal River (saltwater) this past Monday. Unfortunately, poor tides,poor fishing forcast, and water temp was too cold on the flats. Anyway enjoyed the new experience and looking forward to the Spring. No luck on the zenfly kyojin. Used a streamer and a knight lit-l fishie body soft plastic 1 1/2 in. The rod handle everything great. What do you use snook fishing? Color? Fly type? Tippet. First ever fly trip.will keep you up to date on my tenkara trips. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas. Ed

Dec 17, 2014
Flies & tides
by: Blatt

Ed, my favorite flies are top water ones like gurglers, divers and poppers.

For subsurface the Killer bugger (recipe here at Tbum), epoxy minnow and seaducer.

All of them tied on hooks no bigger than #6 (i prefer the #8 as an all rounder).

Collors: white, chartrouse green/yellow and tan.

Tides: In my area (northeast Brazil) tides can grow 10ft high at the full/new moon that means the mangrove will be often flooded and fish will be hid far into it. So i prefer the quarters whit lower tides cause the fish will stay into the channel.
Good luck.

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