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Seiryu and salmon eggs

by bill piatek

I've been refining the Daiwa X-35 and egg setup a little bit. I'm down to using the smallest slotted strike indicators rather than the Thill ice bobbers. Last week I caught one native Brown and a bunch of stocker 'Bows.

Only thing I haven't solved yet is fishing in spots where I have to cast cross current. I know a longer Keiryu setup would be the ticket but there's a torn rotator cuff to deal with. :-/


Comments for Seiryu and salmon eggs

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Jun 24, 2019
Two-handed casting!
by: Chris Stewart

Bill, the answer is a much longer rod (probably a Seiryu X 54) and two handed casting! Not long after first trying two-handed casting I visited a customer who teaches spey casting. He said many of his students were people with elbow or shoulder injuries.

The upper arm is basically a fulcrum, so the shoulder joint barely moves. The lower arm provides most if not all of the casting motion. However, since there is relatively little distance from the fulcrum (upper hand) to the lower hand, it takes only a very small motion of the lower hand (a few inches) to move the rod tip a lot.

Try it with your Seiryu X 35. Lower hand right at the rod butt. Upper hand between half and 3/4 of he way up the grip section (with a 54 it should be at least 3/4 of the way up). If you are right handed, so the upper hand is your right hand, the right elbow could be glued to your side if you did a sidearm cast. It doesn't have to move even a fraction of an inch. The shoulder gets no stress at all.

That's probably not particularly good form for spey casting, but it will minimize shoulder stress. The 35 is a bit short for two handed casting, but you will understand how little stress there is on your joints. Just concentrate on moving only the lower hand and not trying to push with the upper hand.

Of course, landing a fish with a soft 5.4m rod will require a bit more arm motion! Adjust the line length to make netting easy. Some trial and adjustment will be required.

Jun 27, 2019
Use the other hand!
by: Les Albjerg


Fishing isn't like shooting. I was out with my dogs' breeder Saturday shooting sporting clays. His son Kurt does everything right handed but shoots left handed because of eye dominance. Baseball has switch hitters! It never hurts to learn to be a switch caster! I cast about 80 percent left handed cause I am a southpaw, but I work on casting with my right hand almost every session because you never know when it will make a better presentation. I also agree with Chris! Six hours of casting on the South Fork with the Fine Power 56 with two hands was a breeze! The other advantage of two handed fishing is after the strike! I find I get a better and more controlled hook set two handed. I also have a lot more control and double the sensory input for that first adrenaline producing run of the fish! Oh, and I fish about 60% left handed and 40% right handed when I two hand fish. I also find it much more relaxing using both hands. If the fish aren't too big, a Suntech Kurenai 54 might just be the ticket! (I can't believe I am recommending rods, that is for Chris to do!) That said, I just love the Suntech Fine Power 56 that can also be fished at 52. It is fairly light too. However it seems like Chris is out of them right now. Let him be the expert! I defer!

Jun 28, 2019
you're both right
by: bill piatek

I should be using a longer rod. Maybe the X45.

I used to fish right and left handed with my fly rods. Maybe some practice is in order. With my lazy eye dominance depends on how tired I am. :-)

Jun 28, 2019
A great zoom rod
by: Les Albjerg

Bill - Last week I blew the dust off my Daiwa Sagiri 45MC. It is a great Seiryu rod. You can fish it at 4 meters or 4.5 meters. For the price, it can't be beat! It is my 3rd favorite rod, and my favorite for fishing for panfish. It is light and in my book a real value for the price. It has a very nice handle for both single handed and two handed fishing. I have not fished salmon eggs with it yet, but it is very gentle with red wigglers. Come to think of it, I have fished red wigglers about 90% of the time with the Sagiri.

Jun 28, 2019
you got me Les!
by: bill piatek

Ordered the 45MC just now.

Les & Chris, what line should I fish this with?

Jun 28, 2019
Line for Sagiri 45MC
by: Chris Stewart

Bill, you have three choices. If you want to use a tenkara line, casting the weight of the line primarily, you could use a size 2.5 or 3 level line. Your third option is to use the weight of the float and split shot to cast, and use 5X tippet from the rod tip to just below the float, and 6X from there to the hook. This rig could be modified to use a hi-vis Tenjo line (currently out of stock) for the first 3-4' from the rod tip, then 5X to below the float, then 6X. The Tenjo line basically points the way towards your float, making it a bit easier to spot immediately. It is also a bit thicker than the 5X so it is less likely to get tangled around the rod tip.

Jun 28, 2019
thanks Chris
by: bill piatek

I'll try the 2.5 from you first. I also have 3 to try. Or maybe 4x to the tippet.

Jun 28, 2019
by: Les Albjerg

I love the 2.5 when the wind isn't blowing, and 3 seems to handle the wind very well.

Jul 03, 2019
thanks guys
by: bill piatek

Got the rod Monday. Really nice from preliminary examination and flexing. Won't be able to fish it till next week though up on a mountain lake for stockers.

A little tip heavy at 45 so I think Chris is right about two handed, at least at the extended length.

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