Power Isome and Gulp alive bait storage

by Alton F

Isome worms leak from the original container and Chris warns you and even sends a extra Ziploc bag for when it happens. Isome worms smell okay though. Gulp on the other hand stinks. I guess the odor draws in the fish because they are very effective.

From watching many YouTubers and reading reviews and my own personal experience, the containers leak and it doesn't matter if you bought them in the jar or the plastic Ziploc like-bags they come in, getting that odor out of anything can be difficult.

I have tested my solution for the past 6 months with Gulp products and over a month with Isome worms. I shook the containers vigorously and placed one upside down and another on its side for a week with no leakage, then repeated process and still no leakage. I then froze some water in the container and placed it out in our 100 degree summer heat upside down and it didn't leak. I have fished them now almost every fishing trip, I have taken and my backpack I use is set down on the bank at many different angles throughout the day including some roll over incidents, no leakage though.

The containers I have been writing about are the brown/orange tinted prescription medicine bottles from the pharmacy. Hopefully, Berkley representatives read Tenkarabum and implement better storage containers, but in the meanwhile, these are perfect.

Always remember to wipe the bottle down with water before placing back into your backpack/vest to keep juice that has leaked onto the bottle from taking bait out from getting into your backpack or vest. The Isome worms have also done excellent. Hope this tip helps everyone. Alton

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