Owner Micro Fishing Rigs

Owner Micro Fishing Rig 120cm packageOwner Micro Fishing Rig 120cm
Owner Micro Fishing Rig 240cm packageOwner Micro Fishing Rig 240cm

The Micro Fishing Rigs are packaged for tanago fishermen in Japan. they includes a complete rig:

A line (either 120cm or 240cm). I would recommend the shorter line if you are using the Daiwa Hinata 3' rod, and the longer line if you are using a Nissin Hakubai 240 rod or longer. With the Nissin Tanago Koro 5' rod, you could use either one. The 120 would be easier to manage but might feel a bit short.

A float.

Four hi-vis marker beads (very sensitive indicators that go on the line beneath the float to show if a fish has taken your hook and is swimming to the side without taking the float under).

Tippet connector (clever piece of gear that allows you to connect the very fine snell from the hook to your main line without having to tie a knot in the thin snell).

Three snelled tanago hooks (one on the pre-rigged line and two spares).

Lead sheet (to use for a sinker - cut to size).

The rig does not include a line winder or a rod.

I would recommend the Owner Bamboo Line Winder.

If you decide you really like micro fishing, eventually you will want to buy more hooks, more floats and some #10 split shot and some light tippet to make your own rigs. The rig is a nice way to get started, though.

There is a tremendous benefit in having little brightly colored beads on the line beneath the float. They clearly show when a fish has taken the bait and swims to the side. A float by itself only moves if the fish takes the bait and goes down, pulling the float under, or moves far enough to the side to pull the float sideways. The beads show sideways motion immediately.

In many cases, the float really isn't the strike indicator. The float just holds the markers in a position where you can easily see any movement.

However, markers under the float are useful only if there is minimal glare so you can see into the water, and where the current is slow enough that any movement in the markers has to be a fish rather than a rock on the bottom or just a current differential.

Still, where you can see them, they will prove to be the most sensitive strike indicator you'll ever use. Polarized glasses are highly recommended.

I no longer sell the Owner Micro Fishing Rigs, but if you type Micro Fishing Rig into Google, it will find some for you.

Bamboo Line Winder

Micro Fishing Line Winders allow you to store rigged micro fishing lines. The line winders are made of bamboo, with thin metal bars on which to affix the hook to start winding. There are slits in the ends of the long bamboo pieces which will hold the end of your line.

The winders are 6 cm long (just under 2.5 inches). Two will fit easily in the Tanago Tackle Box.

I no longer sell the Bamboo Line Winder, but if you type Bamboo Rig Keeper into Google, it will find one for you.

Owner Bamboo Line Winder Package

Tanago Tackle Box

Tanago Tackle Box (closed)

I don't want to make fun of bass fishermen (at least not too much). Many are good old boys who would give you the shirts off their backs if you needed it. But I am convinced that the reason they need a pickup truck is to carry their tackle box. This box, in contrast, is micro sized - it measures 4 1/8" by 2 1/2" by 1 1/4". I call it the Tanago Tackle Box. It will hold the bamboo line winders (but NOT the winder for the Micro Fishing Kit shown above), plus some extra hooks and sinkers, and perhaps even some micro fishing flies.

The Tanago Tackle Box was an Angler Sport Group AS200 box. Angler Sport Group has discontinued it.

Tanago Tackle Box, open, showing what it can hold

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I fished the micro kit with a tiny piece of worm. It worked great. The colored indicators really helped, most of the stikes, the micro float never even moved. There were two other guys fishing with golf ball sized bobbers, and they were amazed (and frustrated) that we were catching fish left and right.

Dylan R, New Jersey