Nissin Pro Spec, not only for trout!

by Carlos Blatt
(Natal _RN_Brazil)

Bought the Nissin Pro Spec 360 7:3 from Chris after
reading the Tom Davis review on it.
The word about it that caught my wallet was "balance". I really hate unbalanced rods. The other feature was the zoom ability between two lengths that I consider to be the most convenient for 90% of my fishing environment, 310 and 360 cm.

I bought it for small quarry and perhaps I know the 6:4 would be a better choice I was, kinda, forced to opt for the 7:3 cause I have strong winds gusting almost year round here.

Well, as I don't have trout I do fish for warm water species and I like to use the Pro Spec mostly for the smaller ones since it is very responsive and makes big fun out of small fish.

Sure, just to have an adrenalin rush, from time to time I also risk to cast some streamer for peacock bass with it. I always respect the 5X tippet rule with this rod to prevent a damage.

Till now my biggest peacocks are around the 10" mark with this rod and they put a hell of fight to it. I'm not sure if the 5X tippet will resist a 14 incher... Time will tell.

Anyway this is a very good, versatile rod.

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