Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui

The Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui 270 is a short (9') inexpensive keiryu rod. It's a little on the stiff side, measuring 19 pennies, which is 5.5 pennies more than the Suntech TenkaraBum Traveler 27. The rod is ideal for smaller streams that have larger fish than you would expect for a stream that size.

Young angler holding largemouth bassBig fish for a small stream. Jeff R photo.

I initially offered the rod as part of a Kid's Tenkara Kit and as part of a  Small Stream Tenkara Kit (both since discontinued). Over the years, I decided the Nissin Pro Square 6:4 320 made a better tenkara rod for kids, and the TenkaraBum Traveler 27 made a better rod for small streams.

Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui Features

Designed and Produced by Nissin written on rod.

The grip, as in all the keiryu rods I've seen, is just the rod blank itself with a very effective non-skid covering. I have come to prefer this style of grip to the cork found on tenkara rods. It is much better at transmitting the tactile information of what your rod is doing during the cast, what your fly is doing during the drift, and what the fish is doing during the fight.

Kosansui Grip screw cap

The grip screw cap is plastic and is knurled for easy gripping. There is a rubber insert to make it quiet and a ventilation hole to help in drying out the rod. I would still recommend that the rod be completely disassembled to dry thoroughly between uses, though. Moisture does get inside during a day on the water, and it can ruin the finish of any telescopic rod if it is put away wet.

Kosansui Tip plug

The tip plug is rubber, and like many of the Nissin plugs has aggressive fluting. This not only allows you to keep the line attached when you collapse the rod, it also insures that the tip plug is not going to fall out when you least expect it. You will find that it helps to screw the plug in rather than trying to push it straight in. When taking the plug off, be careful not to pull it to the side. The part that is inserted into the rod is hollow, and the tip and lillian will occasionally come out with the plug. If you pull the plug straight out, though, it will never be a problem.

Please note that the Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui rods do not come with a rod sock. The medium rod case fits the Kosansui rods.

Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui 270

Length Extended    8'10"
Length Collapsed    20.5"
Weight                   1.4 oz
Pennies                  19
Tippet                    7X - 5X
Made in Japan.

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