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New Rod NEW Fly

by Jimi Fly

Same pond different day.

I finally got a look at a real killer bug (thanks Chris) and decided to tie a few up and give them a try on my local pond. I'm gonna have to say it was the TenkaraBum Oyster Bug Yarn that I used and once this yarn gets wet the color even made me hungry, real buggy looking. I used one of Chris's Daiichi size 10 scud hooks and some red thread as I'm out of copper wire. I have never fished a killer bug and was quite surprised at how well they sink.

I decided as the fish are still deep to use my Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui 450. Its a big rod with the SOFTEST TIP in the WORLD and maybe even the UNIVERSE.

I've never fished a Killer bug and now I wonder why. Bluegill love them and so do the Crappie and Bass don't mind them for a snack sometimes. With rod and line I was 30 plus feet out into the pond with a size 4 Orange line.

The soft tip on the Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui makes pulsing the fly almost instinctual so I was pulsing away. The first fish I hooked was a hand size Crappie and I have big hands. Let me tell you with the soft tip section on the Kosansui even pan sized fish make you feel like you're on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. There were a couple guys fishing across the bank from me and later they swore I was catching giant bass. They must have seen the rod bend like I had hooked a whopper.

Never overpowering the rod, I caught quite a few decent sized fish. Between the length of the Kosansui and that tip every fish seems like the catch of a lifetime. The Killer Bug in one outing has made its way into my top three GO TO flies list and I've fallen in love with giant soft rods. Sing line Sing!

Lets go Fishing!

Jimi Fly

PS. I never mentioned trout once, Hazaaa!

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Mar 29, 2014
two hands
by: SM

I mostly use my 450 Kosansui one handed but at Chris's urging have been casting two hands on occasion. More distance for ponds with longer lines. Try'll like it!

Mar 30, 2014
Green with envy
by: Alan Luecke

Jimi you're killing me. You're catching fish. I'm not that far away but I haven't found a water temp over 50 and nothing is happening.
A long rod, a weighted fly and get to the bottom sounds like a plan. I have a small city park lake in mind.
It will soon be warm, it really, really will.

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