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Never too Proud to Learn!

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, ID)

Boise River near work

Boise River near work

I'd like to thank Chris for his story, "Longer Line Tenkara." I write this blog entry as his fishing reports don't lend themselves to dialogue, like the blog posts do.

Personally, I have done very very well casting a 9 meter line -- with my 8.1 meter rod! Upfront, I will confess, as a fixed line fisherman up until this week, I had never caught a fish on a line that was more than 3 feet longer than my rod.

It isn't so much that I bought totally into the "long rod-short line" philosophy, but I never fully recovered from a very poor first two outings with a very poor rod from a different vendor. The flex was all wrong for a longer line. As an experienced fly-fisherman, I was frustrated beyond words! I shortened the line to a little longer than the rod, and caught several fish, and became lazy with the idea, if I want to go longer, just get a longer rod!

I scoffed a little to myself at the videos I bought from "Tenkara In Focus" as they talked about longer lines. The Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori 63 allowed me to get that line out close to 14 meters!

I read and re-read Chris' article several times. Monday was the last calm warm day around here for awhile, so I had to get out and try the "Longer Line Tenkara." I headed down to the Boise River with the TenkaraBum 40, 9 meters of 3.5 level line, and 2 meters of tippet. One of my favorite flies is the Keeper Kebari, so it was time to see what the noise was all about! I wasn't planning on catching any fish. I was concerned about the techniques in the article.

The second cast and "Wham" a nice 10 inch brown! However, the first thought of the day on the first cast was, "WOW, I never knew that there was this much power hidden in the TenkaraBum 40!" It flexed predictably. I felt the pivot point clearly when I should begin the forward cast, and it dropped right where I was aiming! I caught one fish. I made about 30 casts with only 4 bad ones. I had two other fish on! I could sense the manipulation of the fly even with the longer line!

Again, thanks Chris! You have opened up a whole new chapter in my fishing! Thanks for quality rods too!

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Oct 30, 2019
What about Short Rods and Long Lines
by: John P.

Question-I fish small creeks and tiny rivers in Bend, Oregon for wild trout. I fish with a 8 or 9 ft. Rod. My LL length is usually the length of the rod plus 3' to 3'6" ft. of tippet. Any thoughts on using a longer LL and tippet?

Oct 31, 2019
short rod
by: David Noll

Tom Davis regularly fishes small creeks and I believe that his line plus tippet length is almost never longer than his rod and usually shorter.

Oct 31, 2019
French-style Euro-nymphing
by: clyde olson

Must say that after reading this and Chris' A-Ha moment article that what is described in the Euro-nymphing as being similar to the way the French have done it. In fishing crystal clear, shallow water, the French back when were noticed by other competitors as fishing far upstream, using one micro-nymph(think # 18 or smaller), gradually raising the rod for a short 3-4 foot drift, then recasting----looking for aggressive fish. It differs from what Chris describes in that I've never come across anyone suggesting the fly be 'pulsed'. But the idea of fishing upstream, long distances, with very short drifts does have a similarity between what the Euro-guys call "French (Euro-)nymphing" I believe.

Oct 31, 2019
Was my norm
by: Les Albjerg

John - Long rod - short line used to be the normal way I fished. It will still be the way I often fish. Chris argues in his article, "Longer Line Tenkara" that there is more to a longer line than just reaching out further. The other key is fishing a Kebari fly. If you follow Tom Davis, he spent a good part of last year fishing Kebari when a beadhead may have resulted in more fish. Getting out and trying more "traditional" Tenkara fishing has opened a new door of learning and fishing. A lot to explore! On small creeks and rivers, I will still fish a line about the length of my rod.

Chris has written extensively about long rod - short line fishing. John and J.P over at "Tenkara in Focus" have done extensive work on bringing traditional tenkara to the English speaking world.

If you want to expand your fishing to the Deschutes or the Metolius rivers, learning Longer Line Tenkara would be something you want in your tool box. Besides, there is something magical about feeling the power in your high quality Tenkara rod when you cast!

Nov 02, 2019
Bottom Line
by: John P.

If you fish long enough-you know this. All fishing situations are different. Stream size, depth, location-type of fish your trying to catch. One method (long line, short line, Fly or bait, Tenkara, etc.) may not work for your particular type of stream, creek, ditch or open lake. So, people who fish -adapt, adjust and improvise to the type of fishing that they will do. I'll close by saying this quote from a great movie-my version. "Fishing is about hope (as long as you have your line in the water) and this may be the best of things, and a good thing never dies".

Nov 04, 2019
Long Line Fly-Rod Spoon Fishing
by: Les Albjerg

I went out for a couple of hours and fished a 7 meter line on the TenkaraBum 40 with the 0.4 gram Vega Spoons and the 0.6 Forest Chaser spoons. As Chris carefully pointed out in his article, "Longer Line Tenkara," the key is the resistance of the "fly". The Fly-Rod Spoons provide the same manipulation opportunities. I had a wonderful session, dropping the spoons into pockets and getting strikes! I landed 5 rainbows. I had many more on. Next time out, I will be trying some of the other manipulation techniques I've used with shorter lines. I just ordered some of the new 0.5 spoons. I've found little difference in casting the 0.6 gram Forest Chaser spoons vs. the 0.4 gram Vega spoons, so I am pretty confident that the 0.5 Rodio-craft spoons are going to work well too. Now just need more colors, especially the "Nightmare" if they have it.

Nov 04, 2019
Rodio-craft Blinde Flanker
by: Chris Stewart

They don't have anything like the Nightmare, but they do have black, so if you can find some bright orange fingernail polish you can paint your own dots.

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