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Mummy Worms Work!!

by Martin
(Mustang, OK)

Deer hair indicator and trailing hook

Deer hair indicator and trailing hook

I had purchased four different colors of the Mummy Worms (natural, pink, red and brown) about a month ago and finally had a chance to test them this past Sunday on a local pond. I used my wife's Kurenai HM33R with a floating line, a creature deer hair indicator and a Daiichi 1120 size 12 on a hook dropper about 18" long. (see picture attached) After catching over 2 dozen bluegill I learned a valuable lesson. Retie the hook after about every 12 fish or so. I lost my hook on about bluegill number 27. All the colors of the Mummy Worms I have worked. I was able to catch about a one-to-one ratio of worm to fish. It would be a great bait to use introducing a child to fish using tenkara methods. Thanks Chris for carrying the worms.

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Oct 31, 2017
Mummy Worms
by: Les Albjerg

Martin - I always carry at least 3 different Mummy Worms with me when I am out fishing. They work on trout too! For finicky fish, I have found that color does make a difference. I just ran out of Pink. I am on my 3rd "tin" of natural color. The red works well too. In fact, I have bought too many colors, and I have found out that all of them work.
That said, they don't out fish the Red Wiggler, but they are more convenient. With the Gamakatsu R10B size 14 hooks I average over 2 fish per Mummy Worm and because they are barbless releasing the fish is much easier. With the unusual bend in the hook they are much more secure as well.

Oct 31, 2017
2nd Lesson
by: Martin

The second lesson I learned was to make sure I squeeze the bard down on the hook. I was worried about the Mummy Worm sliding off the hook during the cast. No worries, it does not wiggle like a real worm. Barbed hooks made it more difficult to release the bluegills. Once I made the hook barbless life was easy and fun fishing.

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