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Micros here in Texas

by BKCooper FT Worth, Texas

To be honest I don't have a great story, yet! I do however have a problem I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with. I can't find any good info on the internet about my local (N. Texas) area so far as micro fishing is concerned. I think I understand the basic set up and will be using either my Foutainhead tenkara rod or one my flyrods as my micro rod (I've been eyeballing those tanago rods, but funds do not permit at the moment) and 2 lb running line and some light tippet with a small hook. Hopefully soon I will invest in some tanago hooks and bobbers to try. (I love this site and want to support it financially as well) The length of the running line seems to be different based on species and water conditions? Bait will be worms probably. The main thing I'd like to find is what can I catch locally? Most likely it will just be trial and error and seeing what bites but likely as not I will be missing some great species that I simply don't know about. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

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Feb 07, 2018
Petersen Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes
by: Chris Stewart

Available as a used book on Amazon for about $6 or new for about $11, this book will tell you all the fish that live in your area, where to find them (lakes, stream riffles, slow pools, etc) and how to identify them after you've caught them.

Unfortunately, it is not based on geography, so you can't just look up N. Texas. You'll have to go page by page and look at the maps to see if each particular fish lives in your area.

You did recognize one way to do it: just fish in as many places as you can and see what you catch. With your gear (small hooks, light line, any rod) and bits of worm of various sizes, you will catch fish if there are fish there to catch. The book will help you identify them.

Feb 07, 2018
Fish guide
by: Vernb- Dallas, TX

A great site for Texas fish id’s is " "
With the latest update it is a bit harder to navigate, but does have photos and maps and even historical dates of regional identification.

Feb 07, 2018
Another Good Book & One Rod Recommendation
by: John Evans

The best book I've found that's state specific, and that shows the geographic distribution within the state, is "Freshwater Fishes of Texas" by Chad Thomas, Timothy H. Bonner, & Bobby G. Whiteside (Texas A & M University Press, 2007). I actually purchased my copy at a Texas state park. It's not limited to micros, but it does include all the micros I've encountered with great photos.
By the way, a great micro rod is the Nissin Air Stage Hakubai (make sure it's the Hakubai). This is an incredibly light, fun rod; but I don't know what lengths Chris has in stock.
Happy fishing!

Feb 07, 2018
Nissin Air Stage Hakubai
by: Chris Stewart

Currently only the 240, but that is a good length for micros.

Feb 07, 2018
by: Martin

Your Fountainhead will serve you well. I have caught all sizes of trout, bluegill and 15" bass without problems. A Thing-a-ma-bob or small cork works well. A level or floating line is good. I had about 24" of 5X tippet below the line. Another way is to use a floating fly as the bobber and a nymph type fly 18 to 24 inches below. Works in Oklahoma. Have fun!

Feb 09, 2018
thanks yall
by: BKCooper

I appreciate all the good info. I'm looking forward to get a line wet and start my research. I'll try and keep yall posted on my findings lol!

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