Keiryu ZPRO

by Roy Davison
(Prescott Valley, AZ)

This is a late story submission, it was from April 20.
I received the Suntech Keiryu ZPRO 53 about a week before my birthday (April 20) so I made myself wait to use it. I took it to my favorite nearby sunfish lake to test it out. When I got to the lake I tied on my line and very quickly realized that I had accidentally set up a 4 meter line before leaving for the lake, but decided to use it anyways; and boy was it a blast! The extremely short line line coupled with a magnificent Suntech rod offered unparalleled sensitivity; so much so that I could even feel SOME of the sideways pulls that the sunfish were fond of. Now, I wouldnt fish with that short of a line on the ZPRO if I was expecting large fish, but its wonderful for panfish. This was also my first time using snelled keiryu hooks, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of tying the knot, and the way that being eyeless allowed me to slip the half-worm further up the line.
It was a many day, I caught about 30 sunfish until I needed to get home to get ready for work. So all-in-all a good day!

P.S. I'll be very happy if anybody can identify this lake, and even happier if you can tell me what movie it was in.

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