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Keiryu or Seiryu?

by Nathaniel
(Davenport, Iowa )

The past few days, I've been fortunate enough to go fishing. I received a new rod for Christmas. It's called the Shimotsuke Aomine. It's a 3.9 meter rod with a strange action. The rod only bends in the four feet from the tip, but those sections are the softest I've ever felt. The blank is a dark brown that appears black when it's not in light, but glows in the sun. The ends of the sections are finished in orange and gold. I took it out to a large stream near a river, and the rod handled beautifully with a 5x main line and a 6x tippet, along with a tiny ice fishing float and a split shot, though even a BB sized shot feels like too much weight. I snelled a Gamakatsu Amago hook to the end and fished with a maggot. I've been skunked every time I've gone out, but the rod is so much fun that I enjoyed those fishless days. I plan on using a 6x main line and 7x tippet the next time I go out, with an even smaller float and a strip of lead foil. I don't know if this is Keiryu or Seiryu, but it sure is fun!

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Dec 29, 2014
As long as it's fun.
by: Chris Stewart

As long as it's fun it doesn't matter what it is called.

In addition to trying the lighter line, float and weight, try it also with a light split shot and no float, allowing the bait to roll along the bottom. It may be that the fish are all deeper than you were fishing with the float.

I am sure it will be only a matter of time before you start catching - and that's when the fun really starts.

I'm not familiar with that rod. Do you have a photo of the rod (or even of the box showing the model name)?

Dec 30, 2014
Nathaniel, check my FB page for the pics!
by: TIMMY!

So, today 12/29/14 late afternoon after i got my chores done i decided to go fishing. I have been experimenting and today i decided to use my super cheap bamboo rod from Bass Pro Shop($6), with a 5x tippet (5 feet) a styrofoam bobber a spilt shot Walmart bream hook and a piece of worm. Results? In 90 minutes 11 bream and one small mouth bass, 14" long and almost 2 lbs.

Jan 01, 2015
Re: Chris
by: Nathaniel

Sorry for the long wait, Chris. Is it possible to post pictures in a comment? I haven't been able to.

The rod in question is the "BSB Daecheongbong" rod I asked you to research a while back. "Aomine" is the name printed on the rod blank. If you would like, I could mail the rod to you to try out, as I won't be able to fish for a while. I'll include my line for you to test as well.

Again, thank you for all of your help, Chris.

Jan 01, 2015
Aomine is correct, Daecheongbong isn't.
by: Chris Stewart

It turns out this is another case of Google Translate picking the wrong pronunciation of a Japanese name. Now I know what rod you are talking about. No need to send it to me (I can get my own from my supplier in Japan).

It isn't possible to put photos in the comments, but I can insert photos into the original submission. Send a photo of your first fish.

Jan 12, 2015
by: Peter

I have given up on how to classify what I am doing based on what little I know about Japanese fishing methods. While what I do resembles Keiryu or Seiryu as I understand it both are clear water streams with Keiryu also including mountains in the definitions I have found. I have simply accepted the fact I am adapting both methods for use in warm not so clear flat water lakes and ponds. I do hope to both get to some moving water this spring and summer but I do have plans to hit a rare clear water pond a lot this year.

I do need to add I found this site and developed an interest in these two methods because I was actually researching microfishing and well tackle for that. I even posted a recent report on that in my own backyard pond. I do intend to do that a lot more as well. Overall I will just call it fishing just like if I were picking up a "normal" rod and reel and casting for those 10# largemouth that you sometimes get in these southern waters.

Jan 13, 2015
That's the best idea yet
by: Chris Stewart

There's no way to classify what many anglers do here in the US because it doesn't clearly fit within any of the Japanese definitions. Just calling it fishing and having fun doing it is the right approach, I think.

Mar 28, 2015
Bass Fishing
by: Mike B.

Bass masters type fishing seems to be pretty popular in Japan. When you consider how many methods U.S. bass fishers use it makes me wonder how Japanese fisherman classify themselves. I.e. I'm a pitcher and flipper, not a drop shotter. Or, Carolina rigs are lame, true traditional bass fishing is done with a Texas rig. Probably not,I'm guessing they just fish. I don't see the need to stay true to one technique. I just think crazy long collapsible poles are fun. I'm not "trying to find tenkara" it's not some spiritual journey, it's trout fishing with a pole and I love it. Wow, sorry if I got a little ranty.

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