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Keiryu Maybe

by JDA
(Middletown NJ)

Tried a little experiment last Saturday and used my Tenkara rod to bait fish. I used my Fountainhead Caddis Rod 330 with 4# test line and a # 8 Tru Turn gold Aberdeen hook. My method of casting was to use an underhand swing method. My bait of choice was a dollar store smoke sausage. I was able to cast pretty accurate within a 20 foot radius. Depth was obtained by either raising or lowering the pole. I used colored bobber stops as indicators to follow the line.
It was a 25+ fish day with all C&R. The takes were great since the pole is so light. The different between this method and a telescopic crappie pole is night and day. The Caddis Pole is 2.8 oz. total and I was able to fish for three hours with no strain. The amount of control I was able to exercise on the line was unlike any crappie pole I’ve ever used.

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Jun 13, 2013
Need to try that myself
by: KeiryuBum

I need to get out and do some of that myself. I have keiryu rods that to date I've only used for tenkara fishing. I just got in a keiryu line and indicator rig that I need to try. The indicators are small bits of yarn tied onto the line and kept above the water's surface. Very light line with nothing lying on the surface. The line is so light it doesn't really sag so it is a "straight line" from the rod tip to the bait (or split shot).

I believe, and need to confirm, that the rod and line are so sensitive that you feel or see the take immediately and can react so quickly that deep hooking should not be a problem.

Jun 14, 2013
by: craig

When you think you've sorted out rods/lines, then try chris' titanium line. With a sighter section, as it's inivisible.

Jun 14, 2013
Long rod, short line
by: John V.

I have not had any problems with deep hooking on a keiryu rig. The key is to use a long rod and a line the same length or slightly shorter than the rod.

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