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Keiryu Carp

by Terry Farmer

Took my Nissin 450 ZX (stiff) down to a carp spot I know of south of town. Rigged up with one of Johhny V's tapered lines, fluoro tippet and an eagle claw bait hook tipped with corn. Hooked up almost immediately. This beauty had my heart pumping to say the least. There WILL be more golden boys!

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Mar 28, 2015
That is awesome.
by: Mike B

I've booked into a few carp at my local canal while bass fishing but they always break off because of the steep concrete walls. I get so excited when people with the skills to land these monsters post pictures of their catches. I would love more info on keiryu carp fishing. I have a local pond, without the steep banks, that I think has some potential. That's a beautiful fish you got there, I'm truly envious.

Mar 29, 2015
Thanks Mike
by: Terry Farmer

I'm just learning by trying different approaches. The Nissin 450 ZX Two Way (stiff) is stout enough for the task. Line, tippet and hooks need to be strong enough to prevent break offs yet light enough to avoid spooking the critters. Corn, Worms or home made dough baits all work. They'll eat about anything but quickly spit a hook. They're very intelligent and wary fish. Since you've hooked some you already know about the explosion, fight and adrenalin rush that follows. I use a mid length Nomad/Fishpond net to help with the landing. I'm certainly going to continue my experiments concerning these magnificent creatures. I look forward to your reports and photos also.
Best of Luck,

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