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by Terry Farmer

Caught this cutie with my Nissin 450 ZX Medium. It was caught in a mountain pond so I guess I really can't call it Keiryu fishing, but I can darn sure call it FUN fishing. My Nissin was rigged with one of John V's furled fluorocarbon lines (about 16'), 7' 4X tapered mono leader and a single size 12 barbless hook baited with a worm. The rod handled the fish just fine. I never felt it was strained or anywhere near its limits. I love my ZX.

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Aug 15, 2013
Nice Work!
by: Vic Velasco

How long was the fight? I was looking into getting one of those medium rods - but I had a chance at a used Kiyose 43MF (that I've been using to pluck carp out of the canals with). The last carp I hooked was bending my Kiyose into the butt!!! I lost the lilian-line-tippet-fly, but I'm going back this Saturday to settle the score.

How would you rate the rod? 6:4?

I also have a Nissin Fine Mode that I use when I am targeting smaller fish (up to hand sized Bluegill) - I love Nissins!

Aug 15, 2013
Daiwa 43MF vs Nissin 450ZX Medium
by: TenkaraBum

Vic, the Daiwa is a 7:3. The Nissin is probably a 6:4 although they do not rate their keiryu or seiryu rods by that system.

The Daiwa has a more abrupt demarcation between the softer tip sections and the stiffer mid and butt sections than the Nissin does. Currently, I only have the stiff Nissin 450ZX in stock, but I should get the mediums late next month and the softs in November.

Aug 15, 2013
Hey Vic
by: Farmer

Thanks Vic. The fight wasn't too long, maybe 5 minutes. He definitely had the rod doubled over a couple of times. I agree with Chris, probably 6:4 for the medium action. I'm seriously contemplating pulling the trigger on the stiff model also. The price, weight and quality of these ZXs are pretty hard to beat in my humble opinion. I'd love to hear some of your carp stories.

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