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Karp Kebari

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

Karp Kebari

Karp Kebari

Chris - Thanks for sharing a quick report on your Maine trip. However, that chewed Keeper Kebari looks sick! I felt the need to show one that is ready for action! I tie Keeper Kebari on lighter hooks too, but would like to share a couple of pictures of what I am calling the Karp Kebari. I had two hooks break last year using standard size 6 3x hooks on carp using the standard Keeper Kebari. I switched to these carp hooks last summer and haven't broken a hook yet. I find this fly works well on smallies too! The Arma hooks are hard to get. So a good size 6-8x steelhead hook works well too. I am using TMC 200 hooks right now. Tie up a few and enjoy the battle!

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Jun 18, 2018
by: Les Albjerg

Wrong number on the Tiemco hook!

The Tiemco hooks I am using are the TMC 700 size 6 and 8. They are heavy wire and forged so they are strong and don't break or straighten out.

Jun 18, 2018
Good carp fly hooks
by: Jeff D

I have found that the Gamakatsu G-Carp Humpback hook makes an excellent carp (and bass etc) fly hook as well as a hair-rig hook. I use size 6 for both hair-rigs and boilies and flies. It looks much like a scud hook, but it's really heavy duty, has a micro barb and Gamakatsu's super slick finish.

Jun 19, 2018
Premium Hooks
by: Les Albjerg

Jeff - I have used the Gamakatsu G-Carp Humpback hooks with boilies and hair rigs too. I never thought about tying flies on them. I do know that if you want to catch Carp you need a good hook. I am beginning to think the disdain for carp has something to do with the challenge of catching them. My steelhead fishing buddy Josh was out fly fishing for them, and said to me, "After 3 hours of putting a fly in front of their nose and not getting a bit, I gave up." Carp are a fun challenge.

Jun 19, 2018
Carp will wreck a standard wire hook
by: Jeff D


I was recently fishing for the monster koi that inhabit a local city park lake with the Kiyogi 21.

They were being really picky, and I decided I'd try a smaller fly. So I tied on a kebari tied on a standard size 12 barbless hook. I cast it at one of the koi and it immediately inhaled the fly, but the hook was very definitely up to the test. That koi straightened the hook right out!

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