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Joy of Tenkara

by John Evans
(San Antonio, TX)

Robin and her Suntech Field Master, the South Llano River, and a Rainbow Trout

Robin and her Suntech Field Master, the South Llano River, and a Rainbow Trout

What are you thankful for? Each person must make his own list; but at the top of mine would be God, family, and friends. My wife has now put up with me for 36 years, I’ve always been employed, I live in the United States of America, and I’m blessed with reasonable health. What more could a fellow ask for?

I’m also thankful for the joy of tenkara. Recently, Robin and I traveled to the South Llano River, just outside of Junction, TX, and experienced some wonderful fishing for stocker ‘bows. Robin made me look bad with her Suntech Field Master, but that’s another story. To be on a pristine river, in beautiful weather, with a responsive tenkara rod, and cooperative fish . . . That’s hard to beat.

Glance at the photo above, and you’ll see the joy of tenkara.

So, if you’re running and gunning like most of us are during a normal work day, pause long enough to give thanks for the simple pleasures in life. You might add a word of thanks for small, conscientious companies such as TenkaraBum that help us to enjoy our sport. All it takes is a rod, a line, and a fly.

A person who’s too busy to enjoy these pleasures is too busy.

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Dec 12, 2018
Peace and Harmony
by: Terry Farmer

John, My list also begins with God, family and friends but as I grow older the list gets longer and longer. I've learned that writing a gratitude list from time to time does wonders for ones attitude. It's hard to be grateful and hateful at the same time. Also, thank YOU for your wonderful posts on this great forum.

Dec 12, 2018
Friends I have never met
by: Les Albjerg

John - Another awesome sharing of your thoughts, and those are my three top priorities as well.

I would also like to point out those friends who we have never met in person, due to the personal nature of the internet. I could begin naming names, but there are several people on this blog who I consider friends. The host, Chris Stewart being one of them. Part of my definition of a friend is a person who has a positive influence on my life, or who contributes positively to my personal growth. John, I consider you a friend as well as many others on this blog!

To me the joy of Tenkara is its simplicity as well as the nuances that continues to challenge even the most seasoned angler. My last two times out, I had two specific challenges to my fishing. The first day it was fishing fly-spoons with a Tenkara rod. The second day was to fish a "coffee bean" fly that imitated a food pellet. Preparing the rod for action both times took less than 2 minutes. I was fishing in less than three, and I wasn't hurrying to get on the water!

There are many other joys of Tenkara, but the last I will share for now is the amazing direct connection with the fish as you are enjoying the battle, often accompanied by the rod singing a song as well!

Dec 13, 2018
Many Thanks
by: John Evans

Thank you for the kind remarks . . . and a reminder that friends can include those we have never met!

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