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by jeff
(clarendon hills, il USA)

I was fishing the Provo river with my buddy Jeff and our favorite guide from Wasatch Guide Service (Jeremy and co). We had a fairly productive half day of fishing. I had recently purchased a Tenkara Sato rod so i brought it along. It proved to be a wise decision. It was So much easier to make it float naturally as I keep the fly line out of the water without having to mend.

We almost had Jeremy converted by the end of the day! I was fishing with my Sato at the very end of the day when I hooked into a nice fish. My buddy and the two guides were there as we all watched the creature bend my Sato rod like a Cirque du Soleil contortionist.

I had limited room to let it run and the water was too deep to move out into the stream any further, so i was left to stand my ground. I tried to follow the fish as it moved up stream but the pressure was constant and my rod was stressing so i brought it down slightly. Moby Trout kept that pressure on with an occasional tug, which was much greater than any trout i had ever fought. He/She felt and fought more like a key west permit! I tried to keep the rod high but the pressure was intense. After a minute or two the fish had me where he wanted me. The rod was fully extended and as i attempted to flex it further the creature lurched yet again, leaving me holding the butt of my rod (and the butt of many jokes).

I was in shock as i stared at my line and 12' of Sato rod floating on the water. It was pulled to the other side and just as my guide started to go in after it, the demon from the depths dove yet again and everything disappear as if he was the long lost cousin of Jaws himself, pulling the yellow barrels underwater into the sea.

Although we never saw the line or the rod re-emerge again, we agreed that Timmy the 2 ton trout must have been at least 30" or 10lbs (and we are sticking to that story).

I'm just grateful it was the end of the day and for Tenkara who helped me replaced my Rod segments so that i may fish again another day. In fact, that day will be Monday and i hope that giant has grown quite a bit in the last two years!

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Aug 02, 2017
There's a lesson in there
by: Chris Stewart

A broken rod is bad but it does provide a lesson for those who might decide to "throw the rod" if they hook a big fish. The big fish you hook might be Timmy and you might never get your rod back.

Much better to use light tippet and lose a fly than lose a rod!

Aug 03, 2017
I wittnessed the event
by: Jeff

I was the other Jeff in the story. Its exactly like Jeff explained. To be in that moment in time, under those conditions, to watch it all unfold was more like a dream for ever played out in slow motion. To watch Jeff fight the fish correctly, the guide coaching Jeff, both working in unision to land the fish; but fate and moby trout were in alignment at that exact moment in time.

We ran the gamut of emotions, when the fish was first hooked and started to fight, we knew that this was a big fish. As time and the fight went on you could watch the upper hand go to the fish despite Jeff' best efforts. To watch the rod bend one last time and to hear that un-mistakable crack, and then watch in amazement as a 12' section of rod just swam away and went under the water. The guides, Jeff and I all looked at each other as Jeff held the butt section of the broken rod and the expression on Jeff' face. Nothing had to be said as we all thought in unision "did that really just happen?" That moment in time will forever be etched in my memory.

What Jeff did mention is that his wife just bought him that rod before the trip. A big thank you to the sporting goods store for honoring the warranty. More specifically for keeping Jeff in good grace's with his wife, and believing his fishing tale when they easily could have said no. And now you know the rest of the story.

Aug 03, 2017
Great Story!
by: Les A.

Jeff, sounds to me like you need a bigger rod for the Provo! I love my 6 meter rods when I know there are big fish around. I love Carp, so I am not being disparaging when I suggest that "Timmy" might have been a big Carp! It has been a long time since I fished the Provo, but caught a couple of awesome fighter carp while targeting brown trout. I hope you hook into a monster!, and land it this time. Revenge can be sweet!

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