Its a Shooting Head!

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

I bought a spool of Sunline #1 line last week. Roughly following Chris' instructions under the title "Tenjo Line", I finally got what I was looking for. I made a line up for my Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 44. I began with a girth hitch, 3 feet of Sunline #1; a tippet ring; 6 feet of 5x fluorocarbon tippet; tippet ring; 3 feet of Sunset Amnesia Monofilament; small snap swivel; Gamakatsu Zero Yamame #3 hook snelled with 7x fluorocarbon 18 inches long.

This line casts like a dream! It reminds me of casting a shooting head when fly fishing. The only real weight is the small snap swivel. I continue to learn that Keiryu and Tenkara fishing seems simple at first, but it isn't simplistic.

At Wilson Springs yesterday, the line just laid out like a feather. Wilson Springs is really a slow moving pool, so the water is moving. I took 6 redworm wigglers with me, and some Mummy Worms. It was a "Many Fish" day. All were lip hooked and released. I fished the wigglers with no weight, and several fish came up from the depths and nailed them! I have not had so much fun in a long time. I had to put a very small split shot for the Mummy Worms, and they worked as usual, very well! I need to try some of the other colors I bought. I seem to be stuck on the natural ones. Sorry no pictures today.

Thanks Chris for all your help getting my Keiryu lines figured out to some degree.

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Col. Robert Venables 1662

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