Highlights of 2017 and Goals for 2018

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

Fighting a Fish on the South Fork of the Boise

Fighting a Fish on the South Fork of the Boise

As the Christmas song goes, "The weather outside is frightful!", so rather than fishing, I have been thinking about the highlights of 2017. It would be nice to get several folks to share some of their highlights as well as their goals or plans for next year. I am going to list my top five.

1. Is number one! My son is back fishing again, and he even bought his own Daiwa Sagiri rod! I took him up to one of my favorite places to fish this summer, and he was hooked on fixed line fishing.

2. I discovered 7 ponds and 3 stretches of river as well as 1 creek close to me where I can have fun fishing for less than an hour session. I got out fishing a lot in 2017.

3. I did some headwater fishing, and found it to be fun as well as a unique challenge.

4. I took three special trips this year, two to go after two species that have alluded me. I caught several Yellowstone and Bonneville Cutthroat. It is nice when a plan comes together. My third trip was two special afternoons near Austin Texas fishing the State Parks thanks to John Evans. Free time at a conference was never spent so well!

5. I battled "many" five pound plus carp with my Kyogi rods. I have not caught a monster yet, 12.5 pounds being my biggest. I have caught at least one carp on all 4 lengths of the Kyogi rod and am the proud owner of the whole set, the Kyogi 12, 15, 18, and 21. I have only caught one on the 15, and it is becoming one of my favorite rods. The ultimate Czech nymphing rod.


1. Do more high lake and mountain stream fishing. I failed to catch a grayling or golden trout this year.

2. Make sure I take time to cultivate my son's new interest in fixed line fishing.

3. There are two streams a little further away than the ones mentioned above that need to be explored.

4. There are three wilderness areas in the high desert south of me that have red-band rainbows. I was hoping to fish at least two of them this year, and just didn't make it.

5. If possible, meet Chris Stewart in person.

So, please share your story.

Oh, not on the list, but the only rod really missing in my inventory now is a 5 meter, so I am planning of filling that niche too.

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