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Guide Conversion

by Fred Church
(Little Rock, AR)

I was recently in the Taos area and set up a trip to the Cimarron with a local guide. When we met I told him that while I did bring a 3 wt. I would like to try fishing with my Tenkara rod. He told me he had used one once before and that we could certainly try it, but that we may well have to go to a Western rod.

For those not familiar with the Cimarron, it is a beautiful small stream, perfect for the Tenkara rods. After about 30 minutes of starting, he told me that what he saw me doing with Tenkara was unlike anything he had seen with these rods, or what he had done with them. He simply could not believe the ease I was laying down precise stealthy casts, and let me assure you I am no great master!!

After about an hour or so, he announced in uncertain terms, he was buying a rod that night! Seeing is truly believing! The fishing was good too, in a half day trip we caught a number of wild Browns with color to die for.

I may have caught as many or more fish with a Western style rod, but I know I would not have had as much fun, and in the end, fun is all that matters!

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Oct 14, 2015
That's how it's done
by: Chris Stewart

One guide at a time - or maybe one skeptic at a time.

A half hour of laying down stealthy casts says more than any advertising ever could.

Oct 14, 2015
$$$ ?
by: TIMMY!

On an average, how much does it co$t to hire a fishing guide? Western fly fishing & Tenkara fly fishing? Thanks!

Oct 15, 2015
I've lost count!
by: Dave Southall

I've lost count of the number of sceptics that I have shown Tenkara & who have become converts having seen the amazing presentation possible.
Some of the converts have been professional flyfishing guides & several now guide Tenkara.

Oct 16, 2015
Another guide
by: Doug

I fished with a well known guide and author today. I showed him my little bag with the Nissin pocket mini, which he loved, but thought I might want a"real rod" on the riiver. I fished them both, and pulled in some nice Montana cuthroat on the Tenkara rod. He had not seen one in action before, but liked what he saw. It seems the more people know about fishing, the more accepting they are when they first see Tenkara.

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