Grass Carp

by Dan G
(Arkansas )

I’m posting this here because I was using bait (sweet corn) and a Kyogi 15 rod. A few weeks ago I finally had an opportunity to target carp, grass carp. My folks recently moved to their retirement home on a lake, which had been stocked with grass carp to control weed outgrowth. My dad had mentioned seeing carp cruising the shoreline so I suggested baiting them with sweet corn. Days later he’s texting me pictures of grass carp and I got a bit jealous!

Fast forward to this summer and I was ready with my Kyogi, a tiny float, one split shot and a carp hook Chris stocks. ... and it was on! What a blast! I caught several and had a beast break the line after an intense run.

I’ve learned to lead them side to side to wear ‘em out a bit. Also, make sure you have a long, extendable net. I would have landed the one that broke free had the net been longer. Today I’m headed back and hope to experience that again!

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