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Grass Carp

by Dan G
(Arkansas )

I’m posting this here because I was using bait (sweet corn) and a Kyogi 15 rod. A few weeks ago I finally had an opportunity to target carp, grass carp. My folks recently moved to their retirement home on a lake, which had been stocked with grass carp to control weed outgrowth. My dad had mentioned seeing carp cruising the shoreline so I suggested baiting them with sweet corn. Days later he’s texting me pictures of grass carp and I got a bit jealous!

Fast forward to this summer and I was ready with my Kyogi, a tiny float, one split shot and a carp hook Chris stocks. ... and it was on! What a blast! I caught several and had a beast break the line after an intense run.

I’ve learned to lead them side to side to wear ‘em out a bit. Also, make sure you have a long, extendable net. I would have landed the one that broke free had the net been longer. Today I’m headed back and hope to experience that again!

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Jul 04, 2019
by: Les Albjerg

Dan - Great job! I was talking to a long time resident of my area, and he told me where there were some grass carp. This little known pond also has very nice sunfish according to him as well. It is a private pond, open to the public as a park and fishing. I was disappointed when I checked it out last week that there are signs all over the place not to not disturb the grass carp! So, the Kyogi will be staying home.

The Kyogi 15 is one of my favorite rods. As I have fished all 4 of the Kyogi lengths I am impressed with Nissin as a rod making company. Each rod is designed in its own right to handle carp. They don't simply add sections or take them away to vary the lengths of these rods. That said, the longer the rod, the easier it is to control the carp. I fish corn a lot for carp. I have only caught 2 on a fly so far. I have yet to catch a grass carp. Way to go!

To increase your chances to land a carp, I have found getting the rod low and leading the carp from left to right or visa versa rather than simply trying to pull them tires them out faster and leads to a higher percentage of landed carp. You got to love the picture of Dennis fighting the carp on a Kyogi in Central Park!

The Kyogi 15 and 18 are my two favorite lengths. I use the 12 for fishing carp in the trees. I use the 21 for steelhead and smallmouth bass on larger rivers. They are all great rods, and under-rated. It is amazing to me how smooth they are being power rods.

I need to get out carp fishing more.

Jul 06, 2019
Hey Les
by: Dan G.

Thanks Les! I’ve seen your posts and your fine collection of Kyogi rods. My dad said, what’s that sound??? They sure sing when a fish is on. I liken it to tight strings on a guitar. I’m hoping to add a 21 to my collection of fixed line rods.

You’re advice to stay low and lead the fish from left to right is exactly what I’ve found to be most effective. I was teased for my "dancing" moves, but that’s what you have to do to.

I don’t think I can post pictures on a reply, but I’ll post a couple more surprising catches on the Kyogi.

Hope you had a great 4th!! Thanks again for writing.

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