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The Gear Keeper is a heavy duty zinger that works like a net leash. It will let you use your net or wading staff, but won't let you lose it. It really is a very clever adaptation of the standard zinger.

Gear Keeper attached to net

It doesn't have the power to "reel in" your net or your wading staff. If it did, it would be to hard to pull out the necessary slack to use them. What it does do, however, is reel in all that slack that is no longer needed when your net is back tucked safely in your belt.

I have often recommended fishing with a wading staff, and not just for old codgers like me. Face it, wet rocks are slick. With more and more states banning felt soles, or anglers taking it upon themselves to use rubber soled boots, those wet rocks seem to be slicker than ever before.

Gear Keeper attached to net

The Gear Keeper is great to use with a wading staff. When you are ready to net a fish you can drop your staff and it won't float away. The Gear Keeper won't retrieve it, but it will retrieve the "leash" so it is out of the way.

I used to use a length of narrow bungie cord, long enough and weak enough that I could easily stretch it to use my wading staff even at arm's length. Unfortunately, it was just long enough that it would catch on brush as I walked down what passes for trails along some of our lesser fished streams. Like that weak bungie cord, the Gear Keeper is also quite easy to pull against, so I can still use the wading staff at arm's length without feeling like I am in a gym on a weight machine.

When I walk down the "trail" though, there is no slack line to catch the brush. It really works nicely.

Gear Keeper attached to wading staff

The Gear Keeper has a clip that you can attach to a D ring on a vest (if you wear one) or to a short para-cord loop on the belt around your chest waders (if you wear them). I just clip it to a belt loop on my trousers (another advantage of hippers).

One really nice feature is a quick-release connector built in to the Gear Keeper, so you are not tethered to your net and wading staff the whole day, and can easily get in your car (if you have one) to move to a different spot.

The Gear Keeper has a 36" extension, so even if you have long arms, there's plenty of reach. The cord is a Spectra/nylon blend with 50# breaking strength. The spring and hardware are stainless steel. I'd have to say I haven't found anything I don't like about the Gear Keeper.

Gear Keeper - $14


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