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Fixed Line Crankbaits?

by Jay Guarneri
(Manhattan, KS)

Going through my old fishing stuff the other day, I found my old box of Mepp's spinners, along with a couple of micro crankbaits from when big fish/small lure was the latest fad. This got me thinking about how small spinning lures would work with a fixed line system, so I threw the box in my sling pack. I recently discovered a stream nearby with a good population of spotted bass which seemed like a good place to test them out. I tried a few flies first, but I was striking out so I tied on the smaller of the two crankbaits and gave it a go. I have a fairly stiff rod, but the casting was still pretty horrendous. Swinging the lure out underhand worked much better than a regular overhand cast and allowed for a reasonably gentle landing. Fishing the lure was actually pretty enjoyable. I simply used short jerks as if I was fishing a streamer. I even managed to hook a couple of bass, including this 12 incher. The take was surprisingly subtle. I'm not sure if I would have noticed if I couldn't see the fish take. I don't know if I'll be repeating this experiment, but it was interesting to see that it could be done.

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Aug 18, 2016
Yes, it can!
by: Blatt

Very nice experiment, thanks 4 sharing!
About 10 years ago working at a fishing store I had a redneck customer that frequently used to buy bait plugs to fish peacock bass... Now and then he came back to tell me how he was doing well with the fishing and used to show me some pictures to prove his word.

The pictures had the plugs I sold him stuck into fish's mouth but interestingly enough I could never see a baitcaster or spinning rod/reel puctured along.

One day I asked him what was the gear he was using and, a bit shy, he told me that never used a reel since, at that time, he couldn't afford to buy one and much preferred to invest in the plugs that for him was the gear part that really mattered and worth the money...

That bugged me even more and respectfully I asked him again how he was able to present the bait to the fish and the answer came right away: Fixed line on a bamboo cane pole!

Aug 21, 2016
Jiggerpole Fishing
by: Bob

Known in the South

Aug 21, 2016
Fixed Line crankbaits
by: Bob

Here in the South we have been fishing this way
for years, using a canepole. Called jig pole or jiggerpole fishing. Works great

Aug 21, 2016
Not Surprised
by: Jay Guarneri

Nothing new under the sun, I suppose! Definitely would need a stouter rod than what I was using if you want to cast properly.

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