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Fishing In Tough Conditions

by Herb S.
(Southwest Michigan)

A few days ago I hit my favorite warm water stream. An extremely rainy spring and early summer had raised the river to unfishable depths but it had come down enough to wade with caution a couple of weeks ago. Since then we had one heavy rain which I hoped didn’t do much damage. I was wrong. The water was still quite deep and very cloudy…and 84 degrees!

From experience I knew the weed growth at this time of year was going to make mid-stream fishing difficult and figured fish would be holding in the weedless spots along the banks under overhanging branches. So I came armed with my Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui 320. Its 10’3” length is perfect for side casting under foliage. The line was 8’ of 6# Stren Gold monofilament with 2+’ of 5X tippet. After fishing for quite a while and going through several fly changes I put on a #10 bead head Coachman streamer (red wool tail, peacock body, white sparkle yarn wing) and that did the business. Five bluegills in the 7 to 7 ½” range and a small rock bass weren’t much but after slogging through weeds in waist deep water for a couple of hours it was enough and I was happy to have done that well.

Happy fishing,

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Aug 07, 2019
good going
by: bill piatek

Well I think a person appreciates fish in tough conditions more and you finally found the answer. Good going!

Aug 09, 2019
Endeavor To Persevere
by: Herb S.

Thanks, Bill. The title of this reply is one of my favorite movie lines spoken by Chief Dan George in "The Outlaw Josie Wales". It’s meant to be ironic in the movie, but is also another way of saying Keep On Truckin’. As you recognize, being a good fisherman, it’s a key to success.

I’d like to throw in a bit about the rod which I see is no longer listed. The Kosansui 320 is very smooth casting, highly accurate and very sensitive. With a line and tippet about the same length as the rod I don’t feel handicapped by its casting distance for the warmwater streams in my area. Slow and careful wading make short range fishing possible. It’s caught trout, too, with cautious sneaking on rivers where a longer rod might be more appropriate. As you can see, it’s a favorite rod. Come to think about it, most of my rods from T-Bum are favorites, and I also think it’s a rod that fills a missing niche in Chris’s kieryu lineup. Yup, that’s a hint, Chris.
Happy fishing,

Aug 09, 2019
TenkaraBum 33 ;-)
by: Chris Stewart

Herb, I think the TenkaraBum 33 fills that niche pretty well. It's not really a keiryu rod, but I think it will do everything that the Kosansui 320 can do. For that matter, the Field Master 39 would also at its shortest length, plus giving you a longer rod when you need it.

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