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Expect the Unexpected

by Sean W
(Boston Ma)

I was fishing Jamaica Pond with my Nissin 450zx medium, set up keiryu style with tenjo, 5x, and then 7x.

Using my recent favorite lure of a Trout Magnet on a Gamakatsu R10 hook, and a tungsten bead head above thats left to slide, I caught quite a few fish today. Plenty of bluegills and yellow perch, and a fairly large number of largemouth bass.

Remember how I said 7x tippet.

I saw a big (16-20in my guess) rainbow trout come into the shallows to eat all the flies that were hatching. So I lobbed the lure over, and it slammed it! Everything seemed ok, the rod was within its limits, and even stayed hooked up through two jumps. Unfortunately, it broke right off when it jumped once more. The 450zx is rated for 6x, with which I've had no trouble landing 3+ pound of course I had 7x on when i tried to catch something big.

Long story short, I learned the same lesson as Chris when he was trying out the Fieldmaster Suguru Long H...Use the higher rated tippet if you think you might encounter big fish.

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Sep 22, 2019
In more ways than one!
by: Les Albjerg

Sean - Thanks for sharing the story. Sometimes, the fish win no matter what! My favorite tippet is 6.5x (Fujino .5). It protects my rods, and usually is strong enough for most fish. I find that extra .5 makes a real difference over 7x. So far my largest trout was caught on 6.5x is a 23 inch rainbow.

In a whole different realm, I failed to expect the unexpected yesterday. We have a short sage-grouse season in Idaho. Yesterday I hunted with my new French Brittney Spaniel for the first time. He did great, but alas after 9 miles of hunting we found no birds. We were too beat to hunt anymore, and I decided to check out a desert stream that is on my list and I was only about 10 miles from where a bridge crossed the stream. The problem is I had no faith that it would be any good. I also didn't plan ahead and left out my fishing gear when I packed. A 20 second mistake! When I stopped at the bridge after driving several miles and looked down, I saw several Red-band rainbows! When I went to the other side, there were at least 25 visible trout. I caught a few grasshoppers, and tossed them into the pool. Wham!, the fish enjoyed a nice freebie treat. I was expecting another dead alkali creek. No, it is a nice freestone creek! I should have had more faith. So, it was bitter-sweet! The fish were small but abundant. The Kuranai 30 would have been the perfect rod.

I should have expected the unexpected. If I had, it would have been a "many" day, but I would have gotten home very late! Lesson learned - always pack a fishing outfit.

Sep 23, 2019
A few questions
by: Alex Argyros


Could you tell me what size hook you use with the trout magnet? Also, why do you use a free-sliding bead (rather than attach the bead to a hook or split shot attached to the leader)?


Sep 23, 2019
re Alex
by: Sean W

I used the R10 which is size 14

I like the sliding bead because then i can hot swap to a larger or smaller bead without necessarily retying the hook (has to fit over the hook eye and bend of course)

Sep 27, 2019
by: Scott T

So the grub itself is what retains the bead on the tippet. Thought provoking....

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