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Daiwa Fly Spoons

by Rob Ruff
(North Texas)

Daiwa Presso Vega spoons

Daiwa Presso Vega spoons

These spoons worked really well. I went to a tailwater today that is only stocked with trout during the winter months. The water cannot sustain a year round trout fishery because it gets too warm during the summer months. What that means though, is a fair amount of fishing pressure from anglers, whether they are fly fishing, spin fishing or bait fishing during the winter because everyone loves trout.

I used a gold, 0.4 gram spoon with my western rod. I also tried the spoons with a tenkara rod and a hybrid floating line as well. Both setups caught fish. I did find it easier to fish the spoon with my western rod because I was able to cast a longer distance.

I fished the spoons cross current much like a spinner. I caught well over ten and lost around seven fish. The spoons work, especially in the tail end of a riffle, where the water gets slack and the trout congregate to catch whatever floats their way. In the past, I've had some trouble catching them on a fly alone. These spoons are small enough, yet have just the right amount of flash to attract a hungry trout's attention.

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Dec 11, 2017
Tail end of a riffle
by: Chris Stewart


The tail end of riffles, or rather, the quiet water just below the riffles, is just where my father and I had such great luck with little fly rod lures when I was a teenager back in CO.

Dec 11, 2017
Nice Looking Trout
by: Les Albjerg

They plant some really nice looking trout in Texas. I have really enjoyed fishing the Diawa spoons.

I found some old "triple teasers" in my box. I am going to give them a try the next time out. Anyone out there tried on yet? They weigh .85gr.

In my research, I see that Shimano makes some very nice spoons too. I wonder if Chris is going to stock some of them as well? I am looking forward to fishing them for warm water fish in the spring and summer. The river smallmouth should be fun!

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