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Clear Creek, Buffalo Wyoming
April 25th, 2011

by Randy Caillier
(Sugar Hill, GA)

I had the opportunity to finally use my recently purchased Tenkara gear. I was in Wyoming for family business and was able to sneak away for a day of Tenkara Fishing on "Clear Creek" in Buffalo, Wyoming at the base of the Big Horn mountains.

The sun was out, temperature about 50 degrees - excellent considering the day before we had snow on the ground and coming down hard.

I rigged up with a #16 blue wooly bugger on 6x with a traditional line and hit my first hole on the creek. Within about 4 minutes I had my first trout, a small Bow. Now I'm thinking that was just luck!

After releasing the first fish and in the very next pool I hooked a 10" Bow same fly. OK, now I'm pumped. There seems to be something about "not" having a fly line being pulled around in the current as usual. But again, I'm thinking this is just luck.

The very next pool about 15 minutes later I hooked another 10" Bow. OK, "NOW" I'm thinking I have the secret weapon for catching fish.

Clear Creek was skinny water as you can imagine at this time of the year, actually making it easier to position yourself for the cast. I'm sure I had to look pretty weird. After hooking the first fish it dawned on me I didn't know how to land a fish without a reel or line to take up. Good problem to have, I learned fast however.

I can tell you that I'm a "Tenkara" fisherman from now on! It's the very best way to fish simple, be much closer to the fish, and enjoy some great outdoors.

Clear Creek has about 11 miles of public access fishing. You can park in the Buffalo city park and walk up to 11 miles west into the Big Horn mountains. Some of the most beautful country around.

Comments for Clear Creek, Buffalo Wyoming
April 25th, 2011

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Apr 29, 2011
Nice first trip
by: TenkaraBum

Nice trip and nice post!

To me, I think this quote says up a lot: "There seems to be something about "not" having a fly line being pulled around in the current as usual."

Until people experience it for themselves it just doesn't sink in how effective tenkara is.

I also agree with you completely about the simplicity and the direct connection to the fish.

Blue buggers, though? I had made a New Year's Resolution to fish blue flies, but I hadn't thought of buggers. I may have to think about it - they seem to work!

May 02, 2011
It's my secret weapon, too
by: Brandon L

"OK, "NOW" I'm thinking I have the secret weapon for catching fish."

This phrase sums it up for me as well. These rods are just so amazingly effective on moving water. I once was fishing a section of creek where there was a guy with a regular fly rod fishing about 50' up from me. We both fished right were we stood, not moving. After about an hour I had six trout landed and he hadn't even had a strike (despite changing flies multiple times, while I had a green sakasa kebari tied on). Pretty soon I heard a voice behind me saying "Ok, what's the secret to catching these fish?"

So I know exactly how you feel.

May 02, 2011
Brandon L. response / Clear Creek
by: Randy Caillier

Hey Brandon, Randy here. Just saw your comment on my Clear Creek story.

I say "Secret" weapon and I mean that, but I have to also say I'm just beginning to learn this style of fishing and have a long ways to go in terms of technique, flys, etc. So any advice from you guys Tenkara fishing for a while now, is much appreciated and will be quickly applied to the secret weapon next time on the water.

Have a great day!!


May 02, 2011
Nice Post!
by: RockyMtnTenkara

Well, you couldn't have hardly picked a more beautiful place to give Tenkara a try! That stretch of Clear Creek looks like it was made for the Tenkara method. Your comment about keeping the line off the water is spot on.

Nice trip report!

Jul 08, 2013
Heading that way.....
by: Anonymous

Glad to hear you had a nice day on Clear Creek. I'm traveling through the area in July and looking for a nice small stream to fish for a half day or so. I'm definitely going to try it out.


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