Cleaning up with mops

by Bill Piatek

Ok, I know they are the ugliest flies we've ever seen but mop flies have been getting a lot of fish around here. A friend and I saw one guy standing in the same spot catch over 70 stocker trout in a few hours with a purple bead head mop on a fly rod. We counted. :-)

Has anybody tried them for fixed line fishing?


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Apr 28, 2018
Caught one on a mop fly
by: Chris Stewart

I've just caught one fish on a mop fly. Surprisingly, though, I was fishing a two hook rig, with the mop on point and a red wiggler on a dropper, and the fish hit the mop fly rather than the worm.

Apr 29, 2018
cleaning up with mop flies
by: David Noll

I've used them twice and they are dynamite. I dead drift them the same as a SRW. The really fun part is they make the other fly fishermen almost choke.

Apr 29, 2018
Mop flies
by: Les Albjerg

Bill - I have caught many trout on mops. Planters just love them! They work well the day after planting. At Wilson Springs they don't work well 3 or 4 days after planting. I have done well with them on sunfish and crappies. My last time out when I didn't have Red Wigglers with me at Wilson, I was skunked until I put on a .4 gram spoon. The pressured holdover stockers just nailed the spoons. I worked a mop fly several times right in front of the nose of a trout and not even a "look-see." Mops work with fixed line, but they aren't a 100% answer to even planters. I like having them in the box! They are useful. Give them a try!

Apr 30, 2018
we'll see tomorrow
by: bill piatek

Hitting a lake where mops have ruled and a creek tomorrow. Creek has been fishing well with dries so I'll try that there.


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